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With its speed-focused design, the Movement Carbon Pro Boot will certainly get you to places quickly. The boots are equally honed for ski-mountaineering racers and tourers who think time is precious. A specially-designed, full-carbon cuff gives a PRO flex to absorb high-forces without causing compression during hectic race-descents and mixed conditions in the backcountry. 75° of ankle articulation give the uphill that feeling of gliding up the mountain rather than hoofing. The Movement SKYWALK soles keep you glued to the booter when every step is critical. You will find that the Palau Light Pro Liners and integrated boot gaiter keep the feet warm and dry leaving you only to focus on the goal; beat the competition.

  • Integrated power-strap / cuff buckle offers a quick and precise cuff-hold.
  • Palau Thermofit Light Pro Liner keeps your feet warm and can be molded for an exact fit.
  • Attached waterproof gaiter prevents snow and debris from getting in.
  • Instep Buckle with ergonomic micro-adjustment make it easy to dial in the fit.
  • Hike mode has 75° articulation to give you the most efficient touring experience.
  • 100% Carbon Cuff and Grilamid Shell offer a great skiing experience.
  • Dynafit certified inserts are consistent and safe.
convert to ounces
988g [27.5]
Weight (pair) 1976g [27.5]
Buckles   1 + Velcro OCB
Boot Sole Length   259mm [24.5]
269mm [25.5]
279mm [26.5]
289mm [27.5]
299mm [28.5]
309mm [29.5]
Binding Compatibility   Tech only
Cuff Rotation   75°
Forward Lean(s)   16°
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Grilamid shell, 100% Carbon cuff
Liner   Palau Light Pro
Skimo Co Says
Usage Skimo racing and speed touring
Notes Nice waterproof gaiter
Bottom Line Affordable carbon race-boot
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Matt
I have Scarpa mastrale rs, are these as narrow? Just curious on if fit is similar or not being a difderent brand
Answer from Emmett I

These are similar width overall to the Maestrale. A bit wider at the heel, and slightly different shape. The length will also fit a bit different, Movement breaks sizing on the whole, while SCARPA breaks on the half.
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Question from Russel Fogel
How will it ski compared to scarpa f1 lt or alien rs. Looking for downhill performance compared to the above
Answer from jbo
Hi Russel, these are not as stiff as the F1 LTs or Alien Rs. Something more like a Sportiva Sytron.
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Question from Marc
Being that this boot is made from grilamide, should the shell be fairly easy to punch? What other light, rando race inspired boot would take punches well?
Answer from Jeff
Marc, Yes the Movement will take a punch quite well. The Atomic Backland Ultimate has the same heat moldable shells as other Atomics. Dynafit PDG2, La Sportiva Sytron will punch easily and are wider to begin with.
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Question from Maass
These seem like a beefier boot then the Alien RS. How do they campare? I really want to get into a pair of F1s’ and these seem like a lighter pair of those. Am I way off with that thought?
Answer from jbo
Hi Maass, the Alien RS is stiffer than this boot in forward flex. It's more akin to a race boot than an F1.
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Question from Chris C
heyyyyy youuuuu guuuuys

In my quest for skinny ankled boots I came by and tried on the Free Tours yesterday, and found the heel pocket to be wonderful (slight overstatement). I'm wondering if this boot will fit similarly to the free tour?
Answer from jbo
Hi Chris, it's definitely similar in that it's made from the same molds. Note the liner is thinner and the shell is sized down, two things which sorta cancel each other out.
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Question from Paul F
Have any of you had a pair on your feet yet? Movement claims a 130 flex index on their site?! Flex ratings are always super subjective but that is quite the claim for a <1000g boot.
Answer from jbo
Hi Paul, yes I've had them on. They are definitely not a 130 flex. While more supportive than some other race boots, they aren't super stiff. Maybe 100? You're right, it's subjective.
Answer from Øyvind B
And compared to Alien 1.0? Supposed to have a flex index of 100. Are they similar?
Answer from TSB
Hi Oyvind, the Carbon Pro is a bit stiffer than the original, yellow-green Alien 1.0 and about on par with the new, all-black Alien 1.0 (what we can the 1.1). As JBo says above, it's subjective. If you're choosing between the two, it's more about the other differences in features -- e.g. lock mechanism, lower buckle vs. Boa, and of course foot shape/fit.
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Question from Andre
What is the last size on this boot?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Andre. Should be 100mm!
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Model: Carbon Pro

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