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Drape your Movement Race Pro skis in Pomoca pink! The Swiss ski manufacturer has teamed up with the Swiss skin manufacturer to make the sexiest ultralight skis on the planet. The Race Pro series is available in “oversized” 71mm, 77mm, and 85mm widths with multiple lengths. Now you can quickly and fully cover those skis with Pomoca’s top-of-the-line Race Pro 2.0 skin material. Pre-trimmed for each width and length, the Race Pro skins come with Pomoca’s bungee tip system already attached. Tail clips are neither necessary nor included. Hit the snow climbing fast and easy with Movement’s Race Pro skins.

Please note these are full-coverage skins which are great for touring, training, missioning, and casual racing. If you prefer a straight cut skin to maximize glide, check out Movement’s standard race skins.

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Questions & Reviews

Sheel S (used product a few times)
So I got these as a part of a package with the skis, race boots and bindings, I figured why not just get the whole setup if I am going all in on speed touring. This was a mistake in retrospect. The skins glide great but the glue just does not hold with any moisture at all on it. I had a day in the snow where the glue failed, called skimo and thought that it was just a user error that I got too much snow on them. But I took them out 3-4 more times, and each time they failed, and the glue failed so badly that I could not even use ski straps to keep the skins on. It seems that if there is even a flake of snow on your ski base, the glue just stops sticking completely; the people I had skinned with said they had never seen skin glue fail so completely, and I agree with them. Skimo tells me that these skins use some sort of less sticky euro glue, so maybe just get separate non-precut skins. Maybe you could make these work if you are only using them to race up a resort, but I definitely would not trust them for any backcountry situation anymore
Reply from jbo
Hi Sheel, happy to take those back. Usually with Euro glue and no tail clip it's best to add a little Gold Label to the tails (and possible other areas) like racers do. I make do since the glide is so good!
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Model: Race Pro 2.0 Cutted

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