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Movement Race Pro 85

Brand: Movement
Model: Race Pro 85
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On the surface, the Movement Race Pro 85 is simply a ski that took the lightweight construction of their podium-topping Race Pro skis and applied those methods to a wider and more friendly touring shape of the Alp Tracks 85. Take a deeper look, though -- Movement poured every bit of mastery they could muster into this ski, tweaking every detail they could possibly think of to provide you, the skier, every advantage on both the up and the down. Built for the skimo racer who wants to take their fitness to committing lines in the big mountains, the Movement Race Pro 85 leads the class in its weight-to-width ratio thanks to its race-inspired core, while keeping the fun-meter topped off thanks to a sophisticated blend of rocker, camber and sidecut in the ski's profile.

Sometimes, the tumultuous and overbearing world we live in can make it hard to appreciate the understated beauty drawn from the finer things in life, like the soft pastels of a summer sunset, a billion sparkling crystals stretching out across an untracked snowfield, or the feel of a well-used leather glove in your hand. With the Movement Race Pro 85, one of the finest things in your life will be staring at you every time you walk through the garage-- begging you to get out there and get skiing.

  • Packing the pleasure of a heavier ski into an incredibly lightweight touring and mountaineering ski, Movement found the holy grail of ski design.
  • A lightweight sidewall underfoot is embedded deep into the core, providing edge stability while stabilizing the entire ski against vibrations.
  • Labeled as Top Secret, the unique Movement Full Carbon Technology layers directional carbon to give the ski a reliable, even flex.
  • A Karuba Woodcore provides the ultralight construction and poppiness that makes the ski just plain fun.
Lengths (cm) 154, 161, 169, 177
-> ounces
780g [154]
850g [161]
890g [169]
930g [177]
Weight (pair) 1560g [154]
1700g [161]
1780g [169]
1860g [177]
Dimensions 115-85-99 [153]
116-85-100 [161]
116-85-100 [169]
116-85-100 [177]
Turn Radius 17.0m [153]
17.5m [161]
18.0m [169]
18.5m [177]
Skin Fix Tip notch
Specs Verified Yes
Profile Cambered ski with slight tip and tail rocker
Shape Round shovel, tapered tail
Construction Movement Top Secret full Carbon technology
Core Ultralight Karuba
Skimo Co Says
Usage Speed touring, Mountaineering
Notes Essentially the Alp Tracks 85 with the Race construction
Bottom Line Race-ski weight in a touring package.
Question from Jonathan Burns
Hi. How do the Movement Race Pro 85 compare to the SkiTrab Magico.2, especially in steep terrain and tight trees with variable snow conditions? I see the Movement is over 300grams lighter (pair) than SkiTrab, is there any durability difference between them? Thank you
Answer from jbo
Hi Jonathan, I have both so thought I'd answer! The RP85 is crazy light and occasionally can feel like a race ski in bad conditions. Long distance powder is amazing with it and it's super quick in the trees, steeps are no problem in most conditions. Best paired with a race boot imo, the Alien 1.1 is perfect. The Magico.2 is noticeably more powerful, and really comes alive with a beefier boot ("race plus" is the sweet spot, but it can hang with a beef boot without blinking). Not quite as quick but ultra reliable on edge and a touch more float. It also has the durability advantage, which is not to say that the RP is particularly breaky, but that Trabs are well, Trabs...breaking them won't cross your mind.
Answer from TSB
Hey Jonathan, wow, great question! You must be an East Coaster or something with conditions like that -- the snow is always consistent and the trees always well-spaced here in the Wasatch! :-) Both of the skis you mention are phenomenal options, but for very different reasons. The Race Pro 85 is really designed to maximize the design possibilities of a lightweight, race-ski core coupled with the profile and shaping of a touring ski, so it kind of belongs to the idiosyncratic "speed-touring" category. After all, it's lighter than many of the race skis that were winning World Cups just 7 or 8 years ago :-) Meanwhile, the Magico.2 is an impressively damp, stable ride with a predictable feel that can plow through crud or sing sweetly in powder. I would definitely give the Magico.2 an edge for variable snow, especially when paired with a heavier boot (as JBo mentions above).
Answer from Jonathan B
Thank you for the input jbo and TSB. Could you describe the profile of the Magico.2 (I can't find it online)? I'm looking for mountaineering ski (spring, summer, fall). On the ascents, it will live 30% of the time strapped to my back, so I want a shorter ski (~170cm long, I'm 179cm). On the descent, I rarely will find powder, most of the time it will be crust, ice or corn. From your descriptions, it seems that the RP85 would be a better ski for quick turns and steep skiing as long as speed is kept in check. Also, I see the RP86 has a slight rocker in the tail to help release the turn, and in my experience, it helps a bit in breakable crust as the tail catches less. And yes, I will be using light boots, currently, I have the 2017 Aliens.
Answer from Jonathan B
*by profile above, I mean the camber/rocker profile of the Magic.2. Thanks
Answer from jbo
Hi Jonathan, the deuce has a gently rockered tip with camber underfoot. Fairly flat tail, though Trab uses a swallow tail design to make hooking not a thing.
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by Glen Otis (used product regularly)
I've owned / skied lots of Movements , the Race Pro 71 , 77 , and the Alp Tracks / Vertex 84 , Logic X ,and these are my favorite so far . I'm 5 ' 7 " , 130 lbs , skiing the 161 cm , with the Alien RS boot , they work well together.
After 17 days , in a variety of conditions , from icy to deep powder , they're my quiver of one . Quick turning and nimble , great for tree skiing , the extra tip rocker really helps , so does the very low weight . Surprisingly , they ski nearly as well as the Sportiva Vapor Nano in soft snow .
While they get knocked around in the crud , being so light , they will carve through through it . An exciting , fun ski , perfect for the backcountry.
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Question from Trevor Jones
What are the differences between this model and the Movement 85 Alp Tracks?
Answer from jbo
Hi Trevor, the difference is in the construction. As you've probably noticed, the shape and profile are the same. This version uses the Race construction and is thus amazingly light while also having a race-style tip notch. The Alp Tracks is a bit stiffer, more durable, and more powerful.
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