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Do you suffer from blisters, caused by loose heels that incessantly move up and down? Do you find yourself wanting a tighter heel pocket, allowing you to drive skis with confidence? If so, the Liner Sleeve from Patriot Footbeds was created just for you. Utilizing a neoprene sleeve that slides on the outside of the boot liner, the Liner Sleeve installs with little fuss. If you need to take up just a little volume, the neoprene sleeve will likely do the trick. However, if you have more than just a little room to take up, the included J-bars slide easily into the sleeve, allowing you to find just the right placement. In addition to the heel, the Liner Sleeve allows for placement of the J-bars on top of the foot, allowing you to dial in the fit to your preference. Whether you have loose heels or a roomy instep, the Liner Sleeve from Patriot Footbeds is here to help.

  • Neoprene construction is durable and built to last.
  • Included J-bars can be used to secure the heel or take up volume over the instep.
  • Cutout in the rear of the sleeve allows for an unrestricted range of motion.
  • Compatible with all freeride touring boots so you can drive big skis with confidence.

Questions & Reviews

Matt G (used product a few times)
Absolutely bomber heel lock with one j on inside of each heel. Was getting mondo blisters inside heel. Scarpa Mastrale RS, 26.5 andnarrow heels. you killed it and out to Durango in 1 day and im stoked shred this coming storm!
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Question from Lindsey Clark
Has anyone tried these on the 2023 Scarpa F1 Women's? Or the men's as I'm sure the liners are similar. I'm having heel slippage issues and am looking for solutions.
Answer from Niko M
Hi Lindsey! I have not tried that particular pairing, but have tried these sleeves in the store with a similar boot and found them to improve heel retention. If your heel is quite loose, these may not reduce enough volume and you may need to find a different boot with a better fit for your foot. If the heels are close, the Patriot Footbeds Liner Sleeve may work great!
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Question from Munan
Do you need to put on the liner first outside of the shell with these?
Answer from Jeff
Munan, They fit over the outside of the liner as in the photo. You would have to pull the liner out to do so.
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Question from Ben
Whats the weight on these?
Answer from Jeremy L
Hi Ben. Thanks for reaching out. One sleeve weighs 39 grams. Two of the four included J-bars total one single gram.
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