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Race skins for wide skis! The Pomoca Race Back Fix is the easiest way to apply the buttery glide of your race skins to bigger planks. Ideal for clocking the fastest powder laps and skiing objectives when time is crucial, but you still prefer to bring your wider skis. The Race Back Fix functions perfectly as a mid-winter skin for your powder boards or a supplemental skin for long approaches on your spring skis. The tail is already attached, so just cut to length, add the tip kit, and trim the edges with the included offset cutter. The go rock your powder boards like you mean it. If you like big skis and you cannot lie, grab a Pomoca Race Back Fix kit and you’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor a bit sooner.

  • Adjustable tail clip is user-friendly and tensions to avoid snow buildup underneath the tails.
  • Included Pomoca Cutter has an offset built-in to expose just enough edge for proper grip.
  • Tip bracket is sturdy and easy to install after cutting the skins to length.
  • Attach to your skis with Pomoca reliable and easy-to-manage glue.
  • The skin material measures 120mm wide.

Update 2020/21: Pomoca recommends the Free Pro for folks looking to cover wide boards with light skins.

Weight per skin (with backing) 302g [120mm x 200cm]

Questions & Reviews

Question from Scott A
Need these to fit Black Crows Orb FB, 178cm long with 122,91,109 dimensions.
Have a got a winner?
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Scott, these skins will absolutely fit the Orbs! The width will give you full coverage, and the tip bracket is easy to install after cutting the skins to length.
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Question from John
Is this the same skin material as the Pomoca Free Pro 2.0 skins?
Answer from jbo
Hi John, no, this is the full-mohair Race formula which has much better glide than the mixed Free Pro 2.0.
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Question from Vladimir K
Hello, I bought this set a year ago and finally going to assemble it. I either lost on didn't receive screws for attaching click lock buckles to skins. What screws exactly should I use? Can I buy them at Home Depot, can I quickly order them? Leaving for a ski expedition next Friday.
Answer from Patrick C

I'm sorry to hear about the missing screws! They are pretty specific and while you might be able to find them at a hardware store, it may be a long hunt. The screws should have been in their own plastic bag in the same area of the packaging as the tip loops. If you can email us at we can help get you some screws. All the best!

Patrick // Skimo Co
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