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One of the (very) few drawbacks of the amazing X3-600 pack is that gear on the bottom of the top loader can be hard to access. Well now CAMP has enabled you to go in through the back door. A secret zippered panel has been installed on the back for more direct access to that important stuff you accidentally packed first. And since the designers were already adding a few grams, they went ahead and used a more durable fabric, making the X3 Backdoor a hard-wearing pack for daily touring.

All the other features on the pack are what you’d expect from a CAMP skimo pack. The ski carry system can be used without taking off your pack. Mesh pockets on the sides are great for stashing skins, water bottles, gloves, what have you. The hip belt pocket holds fuel and ice axe loops carry your pick. This could be the new go-to pack for longer tours when you still want to move fast.

  • New Tri-Ripstop fabric is light, strong, and coated to resist moisture and abrasion.
  • Wire Xpress ski carry system is a loop and sling that can be operated while wearing the pack.
  • Backdoor access panel is opened by pulling a loop attached to zippers, exposing all contents.
  • Hip belt and lower back padding for comfort while air channels in the shoulders keep you cool.
  • EZ OP buckles on the waist belt and chest strap can be opened with gloves on.
  • Dual ice axe loops can be retracted and have simple bungee clips to secure the spikes.
  • Spacious lid compartment and internal security pocket keep you organized.
  • Large mesh side pockets are elastic to hold all kinds of objects or none at all.
  • Hip belt pocket lets you keep fuel, map, compass, clinometer, or camera within reach.
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Volume 30L
Access Top and back
Hydration Sleeve compatible
Ski Carry Wire Xpress
Shovel / Probe Internal restraints
Ice Axe Dual loops & cords
Stash Pockets 1 hip belt, 1 mesh on shoulder strap
Security Pocket Internal
Team Tether No
Whistle No
Specs Verified Yes
Skimo Co Says
Usage Long days, short overnights
Notes Convenient backdoor access
Bottom Line More accessible X3
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Questions & Reviews

Russell Scott (used product regularly)
NOT in agreement with the other reviews! Main FAULT of the X3 Backdoor is durability. The Green bottom & face fabric is fragile. After two weeks of regular use, but only carrying skis diagonally three times the face fabric had suffered several small tears. Ditto with the bottom fabric; any hard items in the pack (ie:your shovel or probe) WILL cut the fabric. Good news is CAMP -USA will replace or refund through retailers. Lightweight gear is often less durable; but should not be this wimpy. Caveat Emptor!
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Ian C (used product regularly)
I got this pack recently to replace a Patagonia sack that was probably 10 years old. In my first outing I ended up using the various carry functions for my poles, ice axe and skis, and they were all convenient and reliable. The brain, strap pockets, water bottle sleeves and backdoor zip access all made it very easy to sort out my stuff, while the shape and structure were unobtrusive for skiing (I'm 6'3 for reference). Looking forward to putting some heavy use on this bag!

Pictured: me enjoying this amazing pack
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Centerfold (used product regularly)
My first skimo pack. I loved it. So lightweight. I only ended up switching for an avy pack but would highly recommend this for anyone looking skimo pack.

Skis are quick to get on and they carry exceptionally well for such a lightweight pack. CAMP obviously thought everything through with compartments and storage. Perfect for a layer, avy gear, accessories, a liter of water...go, go, go.
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Weavin (downright abused product)
Big fan of this pack. I'm on my second one. The pack is feather light, skis very well, is roomy for a 30l pack (worked great for the Haute Route) and the mesh outer pockets are handy for quick storage.

The light weight comes at a price though. First, there is no separate compartment for avy tools, so your shovel and probe end up with all your other gear. Usually not a problem, but if you dig a lot of pits, or otherwise use your shovel a lot you will need to be diligent to clean it of snow before stowing it.

The other price is durability. I got four full seasons out of my first one before I bought the second. The bottom became frayed and torn from setting it on rocks and ice and the ski attachment strap hook eventually tore off. I admit to being hard on equipment though.

Overall there is nothing shoddy or substandard about the construction. It's a quality lightweight pack.
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Nat (downright abused product)
I have been using the predecessor to this pack, the X3 600 as my go to pack for the past 4+ seasons. I literally have a few hundred days on this pack and only now is it's starting to show wear. The pack I am using is essentially the X3 Backdoor BUT without the backdoor zipper option. Otherwise it's the same configuration and construction. These are really well made and well thought out touring packs. The 30L is the perfect size for full days tours and even more technical missions involving ice tools, cramps, and ropes. I appreciate how lightweight this pack is, yet carries a heavy load well. Putting my skis on/off the pack without having to remove my pack is such an under-rated feature that allows you to transition quickly for varying technical terrain. This feature has me spoiled and wanting all of my other packs to have the same setup. The only think I recommend adding to one of the shoulder straps is one of the camp action bottle holds. In an ideal world the pack would have one integrated.

If your deal touring pack is:
-lightweight yet carries a fairly heavy load well.
-has a waist belt pocket for snacks on the go
-easy/fast/secure ski carry system
-simple no frills design

then you've found what you're looking for in the X3 series.
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Question from emily
thanks for the info! i'm debating this and the camp raptor pack for long spring missions and couloir skiing. the main differences i can tell are the helmet holder and dedicated avy tools pocket... how are the internal restraints on this pack for avy tools? anything else I am missing? any input on which carries skies better on the diagonal/side carry sytem? thanks!
Answer from jbo
Hi Emily, no dedicated pocket, but a couple bands to hole the shovel handle and probe. Not a big difference in terms of carrying skis with the quick carry, I might give the nod to the X3 there.
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Question from Emily Sullivan
does it have a helmet carry?
Answer from jbo
Hi Emily, there is not a built-in helmet carry system. You could get a helmet inside or possibly use a 3rd party helmet carry. Or better yet, wear your helmet so it protects you!
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Question from Suzanne B
Hi! I love this pack but do not love the non-adjustable chest strap (not really designed for females). Do you have suggestions for a pack very similar to this with an adjustable chest strap? I'm looking for a ~20-30L pack with a quick ski carry system that can accommodate non-race skis (115mm in the tail). Thanks!
Answer from Nate
Hi Suzanne, you may want to check out the CAMP Ski Raptor
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Question from John H
is the wire ski carry system diagonal or are the skis strapped only to one side of the pack?
Im 6'2 sasquatch with a belly made from rice, noodle and brown ale will the pack ski well how is the length on the back panel?
Answer from Nate
Hi Sasqua...I mean John, the skis end up carrying on one side of the pack but slightly diagonal toward the right shoulder. I've skied with it quite a bit and it skis very well, even when loaded relatively full. The waist belt sits a bit high, which may make it seem like the length is a bit short. In practice, it's actually meant to sit a bit higher and the short feeling is something I've become accustomed to. I believe it helps the pack ski better by keeping the weight above and out of the way of my hips.
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Question from johnyboy (hasn't used product)
Hey, I was wondering about the frame construction of this pack. What provides structure for this pack?
Answer from jbo
Hi Johnhboy, there is a rigid wire that runs across the top and down each side of the main internal compartment. Here is a picture. It can be removed if you prefer no structure.
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