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Black Diamond Vapor Carbon 1 Poles

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The Vapor Carbon 1 is a simple, strong pole that has an extended grip for choking up on skin tracks. Made with carbon and glass fibers, the pole is ultralight and stiff which makes it great for racing and efficient touring. The poles have adjustable hand straps and sharp, hardened tips for breaking through crust. The handles have a lip that is handy for manipulating binding risers and levers. Black Diamond includes a set of freeride baskets with the poles, which are sold in pairs.

  • 15.4mm (0.6”) one-piece shafts are made with mostly carbon fiber.
  • Ultralight foam grips extend down the shaft which is great for side-hilling.
  • Includes 75mm Freeride baskets.

Update 19/20: BD added glass fibers to the shaft to increase durability and some stickier rubber on the handle top to make heel flaps easier to flip. They also added support for indexed baskets, meaning you can get a 3/4 basket with a tab that fits into a groove on the base of the Vapor poles, preventing the basket from spinning. The poles no longer ship with additional 40mm ice baskets.

Lengths (cm) 115, 120, 125, 130, 135
convert to ounces
164g [125]
171g [135]
Weight (pair) 328g [125]
342g [135]
Sections 1
Grip Extended foam
Basket & Tip Freeride & mini baskets
Specs Verified Yes
Materials 100% carbon fiber
Skimo Co Says
Usage Racing, touring
Notes 2 sets of baskets included
Bottom Line Nice light one piece with extended grip
Compare to other Fixed Length Ski Poles

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Timothy c
What lengths do you have
Answer from jbo
Hi Timothy, the available lengths are listed in the drop list above. Looks like all but the 125 at the moment.
Answer from Timothy c
What is the best size for someone who is 6ft
Answer from jbo
Hi Tim, it can vary a bit based on your proportions and usage, but generally you will want to be in the 130-135 range for touring.
Answer from Tomas D
I'd like to have these cut to custom length. Any experience with that? I wonder if the grip and shaft extension grip are glued.
Answer from jbo
Hi Tomas, it would be very difficult to get the long foam grips off of these poles. I'd look at the Fischer AlpAttack for a carbon cut-to-length pole.
Answer this question:

dauwhe (used product a few times)
I've been using the same orange Black Diamond Traverse poles that everyone else uses, leading to much confusion on hut trips. I wanted a pole more suitable for racing, but didn't want an XC-style pole. I'm fond of the flat tops of alpine-style grips, as I often palm them to push myself up a steep bit. And I never use pole straps due to shoulder dislocations. So this style of pole seemed appealing.

I tried them for the first time this morning, for 1000m of resort skinning. Wow! Walking to the base I was afraid I'd left one in the car, as they are so light. Going up was exhilarating, not quite as dramatic as my first time on super-light skis and boots, but that same feeling of lightness and freedom. Poles were stiff and felt very secure. The best thing was skiing down--I was able to effectively shorten the pole by holding the foam below the main grip. This had never worked for me on heavier poles, but felt perfectly normal with these. So I can have my nice, long, efficient poles on the up, and not look like a telemarked on the down :)

I'll report back after more experience. But I have a feeling my other poles are going to be gathering dust in the basement.
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Model: Vapor Carbon 1

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