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Finally, Pomoca mo-mix off the roll! Pomoca’s Climb Pro S-Glide has become a favorite among the ski tourers that like to ski a little bit of this, that, and the other because they do well in every type of condition that includes snow. A 70% mohair, 30% nylon mix ensures well-rounded grip and glide no matter the water content in the snow. If that wasn’t enough, the plush is treated to repel water which further increases glide and keeps the skins usable on even the slushiest of spring days. Looking to build your first skin, but aren’t sure which material to choose? Easy choice. The Climb Pro S-Glide from Pomoca.

  • The S-Glide treatment is an impregnated formula that reduces friction for the life of the skin.
  • Safer Skin membrane is the backbone of the Climb Pro S-Glide which uses a full waterproof membrane that guarantees superior adhesion to a dry ski base and cuts easily when trimming for a clean look that doesn’t tear in the field.
  • EverDry treated plush helps prevent glopping in wet snow conditions.
  • Grip treatment ensures a stable and uniform attachment of the hairs for maximum durability, consistency, and longevity.

Note: Climb Pro S-Glide skin roll only comes in 120mm width. It is sold by the centimeter; enter the length you desire in the Quantity field (remembering you likely have 2 skis to cover!).

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Silas
Will you guys be getting a 140mm roll any time soon? Thanks!*
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Silas, the Climb Pro S-Glide is only available in this 120mm width, but we've got Pomoca's Free Pro and Climb 2.0 formulas available in 140mm widths.
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Question from Jon
Do you recommend buying this skin and cutting them form the middle (60 mm skin) to use it for training and mountain days with all type of snows (from ice to spring) with a dynafit mezzalama 64mm ?

I want to have grip on icy conditions...

I will use the race 2.0 62 for racing...

Or which is your recommendation?

Thank you!
Answer from Julieana
Hey Jon,

I would actually recommend the Race Pro Grip as a training skin for firmer days. The Climb Pro S-Glide is a bit bulkier, and I think for a race ski the amount of grip you'll get in the Race Pro Grip skin will be more than enough for icy conditions.
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Question from Scott
How wide is this roll (Pomoca Pro Climb S-Glide) ?

Answer from Zak M
Hey Scott, this roll of Pomoca Climb Pro S-Glide is 120mm wide.
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Jeremy G (used product regularly)
I used these skins last season on one of my high use, 105mm underfoot skis. They are by far the best, well rounded skins I've used to date. Grip is just fine. Glide is great. No issues with getting soaked or glue going bad. The glue to glue adhesion isn't stupid strong and they still stick to the bases well. Very happy with these and plan on buying them again next time I need skins. BTW, I ski in the PNW.
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Question from Deling R
Between this and BD Glidelite, what would you recommend? I'm building a side country setup with an all mountain downhill ski. So I'm not trying to shed every gram. I ski in PNW and BC so we have heavy powder, crud, and sometimes icy conditions.
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Deling! Both materials are about on par with each other in terms of grip/glide and performance, but because of the waterproof barriers built into this Climb Pro S-Glide, that's the skin I would choose for skiing in BC and the PNW.
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Question from Frank Stern
Do you sell the loops for the tips to attach to ski?
Answer from jbo
Hi Frank, yes we have all the Pomoca parts listed here. In addition, Pomoca is selling a kit with everything you need, called the Back Fix Easy Set.
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