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Now you can get your speedy World Cup skins off the roll. And for fat skis too! Choose from several sizes up to 95mm wide and enjoy the supple mohair with glide treatments for all your reasonably-sized skis. The signature yellow* Ski Trab race skins are some of the fastest on the planet, and it’s nice to leverage that speed on non-race days as well. Fatter skins also work great if you need more coverage on your race setup than the standard 63mm skins provide. And don’t forget that the race-width roll is an affordable primary or backup skin solution. Affix your favorite tip (and optionally tail) and start gliding.

Sold in centimeter increments so you can get exactly the length you need.

* Please note that, quite mysteriously, the race material sometimes comes in purple, which is proven by color scientists to be just as fast as yellow.

ORDERING NOTE: These skins are sold by the centimeter (cm), meaning you should type in the Qty field the length (in cm) of skin you want for one ski “times two” for a PAIR. Unless you are making a backup skin, then just times it by one

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Zach W
Based on reviews, I'm between these and the Colltex PDG Race for my race/skinny skis. Or I'd get Pomocas if you all said they were better.

I'll be using these on race skis for very, very casual racing and lightweight Wasatch touring (resort skinning, big spring days, and any other time I need to keep up with someone really fast). My priority is glue reliability then durability then glide.
Answer from Will McD
Hi Zach,
Actually, Colltex manufactures Ski Trab's race skins, so the Ski Trab WC is nearly the same skin as the Colltex PDG. It has ample grip and excellent glide but, in general, race skins tend to wear out quicker than their heavier, general-use companions. For a race skin with excellent durability, take a look at the Race Pro Grip by Pomoca or the Contour Race Skins.
Answer from Zach W
Ha! Good to know. If you're able, it would be awesome to post who makes whose skins. For some rebrands, it's easy to tell, but when you get into the more niche Euro stuff it is so hard to figure out on your own. That kind of insider knowledge would go well with the other great resources on this site like the binding hole pattern recognition, the ramp angle, and the BSL charts.
Answer from Joey W
I thought Ski Trab skins were manufactured by Contour, not Colltex, right?
Answer from jbo
Hi Joey, the race skins are made by Colltex. Contour makes the Trab touring skins.
Answer from Joey W
That explains a lot! My friend and I have been arguing about the stickiness of Trab glue. I thought Trab glue was perfect, he thought it was too sticky. It turns out we were experiencing a different glue altogether. LOL. Thanks for the clarification.
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EddieF (downright abused product)
These skins lasted me one season of continuous use.

From the start the glue left more to be desired and I always had to be meticulous about packing them up. When transitioning I had to make sure that they were not getting any snow on them otherwise they would peel right off and I would have to use different skins or fuss with these. Eventually I figured out how to keep them dry and the glue would barely hold.

The grip is not very good, but the glide is amazing. When touring up resorts I had to be cautious of my line otherwise I would slide out. But, on flats or slight downs these skins were great.

The real reason I am writing this review is because they are not very durable and they failed in the middle of the Grand Traverse this year. 70% of the material directly underfoot fell out and they became useless. They look like a patchy shaved dog.

While they do glide well, I would not recommend these skins to anyone.
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Question from Dave
Can you confirm that these skins have glue on them and that they work well without securing the tail?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Dave, yes these Ski Trab skins do have glue on them. Going without a tail clip can work, but entails that you maintain the longevity of skin a bit more in order to have the glue function properly.
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Question from Mark
What width would you recommend for a movement x gold fish (109/71/90)? This is for race/speed tour purposes in the Northwest. I figure that i should go wall to wall in the waist but not sure how much coverage would be a good idea in the tip/tail.
Answer from jbo
Hi Mark, you could get away with as little as 68mm if you want a race cut. The PDG 70 roll would well. The Trab in 75mm will give you a bit more traction though.
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Jonathan S (used product regularly)
See my Five Star review of the version with the proprietary Trab tip attachments.
That version is 60mm, which is my preferred setup for the course layouts we have out East, and also one of the roll options at the time of this review.
However, the roll offers the additional option of a slightly wider 63mm, which is best for Western courses with sustained steep ascents.
The roll is also available in a 95mm if you want to go wall-to-wall on a race ski, or have a wider "near-race" ski that you want to set up with mohair race skins.
Reply from Jonathan S
Update: I think this race skin is the champion for cold temps.
See my review of the version with the Trab attachments for details on how well they held up during all five applications to a (very) cold ski base last month at the Idaho races.
Reply from Jonathan S
Update: this race skin is also the glue champ for wet wet conditions.
Once again, see my review of the version with the proprietary Trab attachments for details.
Reply from Kerry
Jonathan, so I guess this is what you were using when you beat me on the Brundage Vertical?
Reply from Jonathan S
Hah! Might have actually though been using my Atomic skins (with the plastic section up front) for the Vertical race.
The really funny part about the Vertical race is that I got into a maniacal sprint with some woman at the finish.
Yet it wasn't reflected in the results.
So either some woman's time wasn't recorded, or my recorded time was off -- oh well, still a wonderfully crazy memory of that finish even if I'll never know the identity of that woman!
Reply from Jonathan S
Stowing my skins after the first of three ~2,000' vertical laps during a race this past weekend at Pico VT.
Temperature up top was -10F throughout the race.
Yes, I eventually deployed my CAMP Flash Anorak, and also put a Buff around my face.
(And yes, I still suffered from frostbite, plus I was probably borderline hypothermic!)
But I did not bother bringing back-up skins, and the Trab glue never showed so much as even a hint of being anywhere near failure.
(And yes, I am in violation of ISMF 5.8.12 by picking up my ski poles before my second skin was packed away completely!)
Reply from Jonathan S
Whoah, how old is this review of mine?
I'm now heading into my seventh year of racing on this model of skin, and still my overall favorite, after having used 100% mohair skins from Atomic, BD, CAMP, Contour, Dynafit, Hagan, Kohla, and Pomoca.
Glide is the usual skimo speediness, grip is as good as anything that narrow and fast can be, durability is fine (for a consumable), yet glue has the edge on anything I've tried while still allowing for good handling in a panicked hypoxic state.
But price is ... the cheapest of any option? Not sure how that is possible, but I'll take it!
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