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Movement’s Alp Tracks line has been the go-to for skiers that want a high-performance ski at a silly lightweight. Now available in the “goldilocks” size, the Alp Tracks 89 is Movement’s way of contending for a one-ski-quiver. With enough tip rocker to downgrade challenging conditions into simply “conditions,” the Alp Tracks 89 floats well above what its waist width would indicate. Even though it has plenty of soft snow prowess, it is even better when it comes to steep or icy terrain as the stiff camber keeps your edges in control. Light enough and precise enough to handle even the most technical skin-tracks, the Alp Tracks 89 incorporates an ABS Micro-Sidewall underfoot to reduce chatter, increase edge hold, and improve impact resistance when things don’t quite go according to plan. Once the usable edge length has done an excellent job carving, the tail quickly tapers and turns up slightly. This helps you release smoothly from turns, aids in inserting the skis into a ski-carry loop, makes skiing crust slightly easier, and quickly gets out of the way during jump turns. If Goldilocks was looking for a ski that could do a lot of everything, we’d recommend she get the Movement Alp Tracks 89.

  • Ultralight Karuba wood core and carbon weave ensure maximum liveliness and power.
  • ABS-Sidewall underfoot promotes heavy-hitter capabilities in one of the lightest skis in category.
  • Rando Edge is more durable than a race edge, but lighter than an alpine edge.
  • P-Tex 5000 base is fast, fast, fast, just like the ski.
  • Mostly hand-made for extra cool points.

Update 2018/19: New top sheet graphic, everything else the same.

Update 2020/2021: The Alp Tracks 89 features an elegant new top sheet for this year as well as some minor construction changes; the 89 has a tweaked carbon layup for even more performance.

Lengths (cm) 161, 169, 177, 185
convert to ounces
1010g [161]
1090g [169]
1165g [177]
1210g [185]
Weight (pair) 2020g [161]
2180g [169]
2330g [177]
2420g [185]
Dimensions   124-88-112 [161]
126-89-114 [169]
128-89-116 [177]
128-89-116 [185]
Turn Radius   17m [161]
18m [169]
18m [177]
19m [185]
Skin Fix   Round tip, flat tail
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Light Rocker 10, camber underfoot, flat tail
Shape   Round tip, medium turn radius, tapered tail
Construction   Carbon wrap with half-sidewall
Core   Light Karuba wood
Skimo Co Says
Usage All-mountain touring
Notes Replaces the venerable Response-X/Session-X
Bottom Line Light & aggressive all-mountain ski
Compare to other Mid-fat Skis

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Questions & Reviews

Zach W (downright abused product)
The Alp Tracks are such a wonderful, fantastic, beautiful, delightful ski. They are damper than everything but Trab and Aski (equal to those; maybe slightly less damp than Aski). They are empowering at speed while still being easy to manipulate. They are equally adept at carving corn as bouncing through 18" of Utah pow. I don't know why, but my skiing comes alive on these skis - I'm more agile, I whip around trees, get deep into big pow arcs, etc.

And lastly, having an about-1kg ski in the quiver is really nice for the days when you're bent over in the skinner, last in the group, unable to talk and wishing for every advantage you can get.

Maybe - if ANYTHING - I have two quibbles:
1. They are not long radius. Look, this is a design choice. If you want a long radius ski that grips ice while skinning and skiing, this is not really that ski. But I find longer radius skis harder to ski! And if it were a 22m ski I'd probably be commenting that I wish it were shorter radius! I would humbly suggest that the swiss make their 85 into a 21m ski.
2. They are not the most durable ski. The last generation had weak toes which I ripped out. This generation, I sort of coreshot my skis pretty easily early on. I've heard of quite a few alp tracks breaking. Worth it? Yes, probably, and I don't baby my skis. But $1k hurts, so it'd be nice if they lasted longer. Trab durability would be a dream combo here.

Overall? Everytime I take these out I have a ton of fun. This is 150% a rave review. I love these skis.
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Question from Benjamin S
I need some help. I've decided on a Movement ski for the next arrow in my quiver, however, I don't know if I should buy this 89 or the 2019/20 85. I know that the tip and tail are wider with 89 plus 100 grams, but outside of those technical details, how different do they ski (and skin)? I'm looking for a tool to do fast and light missions, ski mountaineering (on mostly PNW volcanoes and Eastern Sierra), overnight tours, etc.
Answer from Julieana
Hey Benjamin,
I think both skis will treat you great on those fast and light missions! The nice thing about the 89 is that it's got that larger shovel that allows it to float nicely if you do end up in softer conditions. It does have some more sidecut too, which makes initiating turns really easy and fun. I will say the shape of the 85 is slightly more efficient when it comes to skinning uphill and you might notice a little bit better/more consistent edge hold in those variable spring conditions on volcanoes.
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Question from Jodi D
Hey hey! I am 5'3 120lb - I tour pretty frequently and ski pretty aggressively in the White Mountains (NH). I am looking for a lighter set up than I currently have - Dynafit Sphinx 163. I am not a gear head by any means. I normally have a one quiver ski that I use in powder, crust, steep and low angle. For my next ski I am really trying to focus on light weight, but still want a good solid ski. My boots are the dynafit Hoji's.

Do you think this ski is a good fit?! If not - do you have a different recommendation? Thanks so much for all of your help!
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Jodi. There are a ton of great skis out there, including this one. If you'd like to give us a call, we would love to dive into what skis we think might be best for you specifically!
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Question from Christopher MacHatton
Is this ski the closest current model to the old source movements from a few years back?
Answer from jbo
Hi Christopher, these fall in line from the old Logic-X, then Response-X, and finally Session-X. The Source ski was different.
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Question from Peter Riley
What are your comparisons between Blizzard Zero G 95s and these Alp Track 89s? Am 6 ft 4 in, 180 lbs, expert skier looking for all rounder for Colorado - not necessarily looking for the deep pow ski - but one for all around hardpack, soft snow, spring corn... Both seem very light, both stated as "stiff."
Answer from Jeff
Hi Peter, Saw your name and had to help. As you have the Race Pro 71, you know how the Movement skis feel. For an all-around ski, I would recommend the LT 94 over this one. But we are sold out. The All-New Alp Tracks 95 is on its way. And should be an excellent all-around ski. The ZG 95 has a nice 95mm width and excels in hardpack and spring snow. Not the best floater as it is pretty stiff. Feel free to get a hold of me at to delve deeper.
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Question from Dave Hall
Do you have the 20/21 Alp Tracks 89 LT’s in stock? Looking for a 169 cm ski.

Thank you
Answer from jbo
Hi Dave, sadly this year's stock is still 6+ weeks out. We're happy to set up a stock notification or a pre-order for you though!
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Question from Matt Rawlins
Please help me with the nomenclature. Is there a difference between Alp Tracks and Alp Tracks LT? Does the LT represent a different build or a different model year?
Answer from jbo
Hi Matt, no difference! Sometimes the limited (LT) nature of the product is highlighted.
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Question from Coury
I would appreciate some help determining where to mount these . Do either of the two lines at mid ski mark mid boot?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Coury! Neither of those lines indicate the mounting position, but near those lines there is a row of numbers (serial number, etc) and letters and whatnot. In the middle of that jumble of letters is an arrow pointing away from the center line of the ski towards the sidewall and that's your mounting location!
Answer from Trace Leches
After reading that it sounded pretty complicated so I figured I'd just upload a picture to eliminate any confusion I may have just caused! The arrow in question is between 62/ and /Ø41.
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Question from Andy
I am going to purchase the MOVEMENT ALP TRACKS LT 89 and have you cut the skins to fit. You are out of the Pomoca Pro S-Glide 165-180MM, so should I order the universal skins? How much extra is it for you to cut the skins?


Answer from jbo
Hi Andy, that would work! Otherwise, we expect more 165-180s within a week. A skin trim is currently $15, with our full price list here. Thanks!
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Question from Natalie
I am trying to choose a new ski for 14er and 13er spring ski mountaineering objectives in Colorado. I am deciding between Blizzard Zero G 95s, BD Helios 95, Fischer Hannibals and Movement Alp Tracks 89. I am a strong skier, but would appreciate some forgiveness after 6k ft day. Mostly I am looking to ski couloirs in 45-55 degree range in variable conditions. I am 5"3 and 130 lb and need skis no longer that 165 cm. What would you recommend?
Answer from jbo
Hi Natalie, definitely some good choices in there. I'd say the Zero G is a bit stiff for your size and the Hannibal too long. The Alp Tracks 161 can really hold and edge and would save your legs for the down, noting it is on the stiff side and you need to pay attention in rough conditions. The Helio in a 163 would be a decent option for a relatively relaxed decent, though it's a good deal heavier in comparison. Might be a tossup, but I prefer the lighter option ;)
Answer from Natalie
Hi jbo, thanks for the answer. Hannibal comes in 162. I have yet to demo Helios, so maybe it's a good place to start. I loved how Zero G skied on fresh legs, and not so much when tired.
Answer from jbo
Hi Natalie, thanks for reminding me, we didn't actually stock that length, but maybe should have. It could be a decent option, they are quick edge to edge in the appropriate length. More of a powder ski than a couloir ski in my opinion though. The Movement is good in tight spots, the Helio is on the border of getting too wide, but certainly some bigger folks like that extra support.
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Model: Alp Tracks LTD 89

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