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Two mighty brands, Salomon and Colltex, got together to make skins and they couldn’t have done a better job. Pre-trimmed for the sidecut and length of your favorite Salomon ski, all you have to do is peel the backing off, adjust the tail clip, and go ski. The precut skins are Colltex’s mohair-mix formula, a light and packable all-around skin with excellent grip, glide, and waterproofing measures.

  • 100% Dry membrane on the backing means less waterlogged glue so your skins stay fresher longer.
  • 100% Grip treatment for superior grip capabilities in addition to Colltex’s above-average gliding capabilities.
  • MTN Explore/Carbon skins have Colltex’s traditional metal tip loops and adjustable tail clips for easy on/off.
  • MTN Summit/Pro skins have bungee race-tips that slot quickly into the tip notches on the skis and an adjustable tail hook to further secure the skin.

Update 2018/19: Salomon switched to Colltex for the skins.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Travis Mattern
I bought a pair of Salomon Minims (16/17) during the off season. They are little wider (68.5mm) than some of the other comparable skis. Will the X-Alp precut skins be a better fit than buying the Pomoca Race Pro 2.0 (62mm)? Looking for a full skin for longer/steeper climbs.
Answer from jbo
Hi Travis, the standard race skins are a bit skinny on the Minims (similar to a 59mm on a typical race ski which is fast but you lose some grip). Both Colltex and Contour offer 65mm race skins which would be like a 62 on other race skis. It sounds like you're looking for even a little more coverage than that, in which case you can start looking at the 70mm Colltex PDG, 75mm Trab WC, 80mm PDG, and on up. And finally, if you want to go full coverage, you can trim an X-Alp skin, a Dynafit Speedskin, or other models with a race-style tip. Lots of folks will have both a full-coverage and speed skin for these kind of setups so they can adapt to the terrain and have a backup. We're here to provide you too many choices!
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Model: Salomon Precut Skins

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