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If you like the convenient application of liquid wax and have been dreaming of a comprehensive grab-and-go kit, the Start RG Liquid Wax Kit is here to make your dreams a reality. With one each of the green, blue, purple, and red RG Liquid Waxes, you'll be able to quickly adapt to fluctuating temperatures and snow conditions, allowing you to have optimal glide. Rest assured, the RG formula is Fluro-free, ensuring you won't contaminate drinking water or your skin glue. After applying the wax, the supplied Brork (nylon brush and cork) allows you to cork the base to create the most durable application, then brush out any remaining wax with the other side. Coming in a bag to keep your kit neatly assembled and consolidated, you'll be ready to go when the snow starts to fall. For a fast, convenient, and comprehensive kit, the RG Liquid Wax Kit from Start is here to help.

Wax Color Temp Range Celsius
Green 14ºF to -13ºF

-10ºC to -25ºC

Blue 21ºF to 5ºF

-6ºC to -15ºC

Purple 28ºF to 18ºF

-2ºC to -8ºC

Red 50ºF to 18ºF 10ºC to -2ºC

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