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Ultimate Direction is one of the top names in the endurance sports world, and they reached that position by creating products that work extremely well for a number of different tasks. The SCRAM-- Skiing, Climbing, Running, And More-- pack is the go-to pack of Anton Krupicka, the world-class trail runner, and if that isn't enough of a reason for you to buy this pack, read on. With a wide array of external lashing and attachment points, the SCRAM can hold anything from skis to a bag of chips and salsa for your pals up at the yurt. Ripstop fabric makes up the body of this pack, promising to last for miles and miles of trail and skin track alike. Check out the bullet points below for specific material and pocket configuration details, but if you've heard enough, grab yourself the ultimate mountain pack and head for the hills!!

  • Included accessories: elastic ski hook and loop, additional sternum straps, stretch bungee cord stash system.
  • The back panel is compression molded to fit to your back smoothly and comfortably for long days.
  • A smaller front storage pocket holds all the knickknacks like snacks, glasses, phones, and maps.
  • Optional (read: removable during summer time) attachment points for ski carry hook and loop.
  • T-Hook Sternum strap system is adjustable to accommodate varying chest shapes and sizes.
  • A T-Hook waist belt is removable for when the load is light and you're looking to move fast.
  • A cinch lid system secures the main opening into the large central cavity of the pack.
  • 20 L internal volume.
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Volume 20L
Access Top
Hydration Soft flask carrier on shoulder strap
Ski Carry Removable ski hook
Shovel / Probe One compartment
Ice Axe Yes
Stash Pockets Bottle holder and Stash pocket on shoulder straps. Top pocket
Security Pocket Zipper pocket on top
Team Tether No
Whistle No
Specs Verified Yes
Skimo Co Says
Usage SCRAM-- Skiing, Climbing, Running, And More
Notes Approved by Eric Carter
Bottom Line The ultimate mountain pack
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Questions & Reviews

johnee (used product regularly)
The sternum and waist buckles on this pack are almost useless. Not only are they particularly challenging on a snowy day (see previous comment). Since I am elderly, I have to stop and look at the buckles to get them aligned -- and even that sometimes fails. In this instance, the buckles were a bad place to cut fractions of a gram. It's surprisingly annoying if you're in a hurry.

The video ( on 'how to use this product' is also useless unless you are wondering if the pack should be worn on your chest, and if you can put stuff in it (and we still don't know if Tarzan like Jane).

But it's light. And it's black. I think it needs a revision.
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Comment from Brian h
I hear Eric jumped on the "woke" train so you might have to remove his endorsement here.
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Eric (downright abused product)
This is a small and very simple alpine climbing pack that has added front shoulder pockets (cinch bottle pocket on the left strap and "burrito" zip pocket on the right). It's not a dedicated run vest or ski pack so don't expect it to carry quite like one.

The pack itself is a simple tube style with a top cinch cord and a flap with a pocket that straps down to cover it. It tapers off a tiny bit in circumference at the bottom so must be loaded strategically. It's purposefully no frills so there's not much else to say which is nice. The ice axe attachments seem a little gimmicky at first but they actually allow you to remove your ice axe one-handed which I've come to LOVE. just reach back, pinch the clips together with one hand and slide it out.

The carry system is as I mentioned, not a vest. This means it's not quite as comfortable as a vest for long distance running but more reminiscent of a standard alpine pack system. The straps are thin, simple, light. The bottle carriers work well with a flask on the left and phone or food on the right.

The optional ski carry system works great. If it's not working well, it may be installed incorrectly so check out the instructions on the UD site! The metal race-type hook can be a bit insecure if you're using the pack/ski carry for very technical climbing (I lost a pole off a north face not being very careful about this) but this can be rectified by using a voile strap through a daisy chain loop on the body as extra security when you'll be climbing harder.

My two main complaints are that if you overstuff the pack (or try to fit a helmet in it) it just doesn't work all that well. Kind of user error but other closure systems are a little more forgiving. The other issue is the buckles. They get a tiny (invisible) amount of snow in them and won't close. A bit of heavy breathing will clear them up and you're good to go.

This is my go-to pack for days when I need a RAD line and a small amount of gear but not a full rack. Think scrambling and easy climbing. It's not a quiver of one type bag but rather a specific purpose tool.
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