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While the Backland 98 will forever live on in our collective memories as a wonderful and versatile ski, the time has come for an even more wonderful and versatile ski to take its place, the Backland FR 101. With a few more millimeters of girth and the beveled HRZN Tech 3D Tip, the Backland FR 101 handles powder even better than the original. In addition to increased flotation, the HRZN Tech 3D reduces mass at the tip of the ski, helping make turn initiation easier and more intuitive. The Powder Rocker has been increased to 35% of the ski's total length, which provides maneuverability and will help you confidently navigate tight and technical terrain. Finally, the Dura Cap Side Wall helps shrug off accidental impacts while allowing more weight to be directly placed over the edge, helping with edge hold in firm conditions. Finding a compelling balance of stability, weight, and maneuverability, the Backland FR 101 from Atomic is the perfect companion for any and all conditions.

  • Ultra Light Wood Core blends Caruba and Poplar for a damp and stable ride.
  • Dura Cap Side Wall directly transfers weight over your edges while increasing the edge's integrity.
  • Powder Rocker has been lengthened to provide more maneuverability and flotation in dreamy powder.
  • HRZN Tech 3D Tip is a perforated and beveled tip that helps with turn initiation and flotation in deep snow.
  • FreeTour profile uses more wood and less resin, metal, and fiberglass to reduce the ski's carbon footprint without inhibiting performance.
  • A great all-around ski and quiver of one!
Lengths (cm) 156, 164, 172
convert to ounces
1260g [164]
Weight (pair) 2520g [164]
Sidecut   125-100.5-115.5 [156]
127-101-117.5 [164]
129-101.5-119.5 [172]
Turn Radius   16m [156]
17m [164]
18m [172]
Skin Fix   Square tip & flat tails
Specs Verified
Profile   Powder Rocker 20/65/15
Shape   Large shovel, medium radius, tapered tail
Construction   Dura Cap Sidewall with FreeTour profile
Core   Poplar and Caruba with fiberglass laminate
Skimo Co Says
Usage Everyday touring, all winter long
Notes Powerful ski that can handle anything
Bottom Line Another great ski from Atomic

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Model: Backland 101

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