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The fatter and floatier brother to the Rise High 88, Volkl's Rise Beyond 98 is a head-turning entrant to the category of high-fat, lightweight touring skis. Packed full of innovative technologies, this ski is equipped for the deepest and heaviest conditions, carving on corn or crud, and even mild alpinism should you feel so inclined. Full capped construction with a Tourlite Woodcore keeps the ski light while the VTA-inspired carbon tip further shaves off grams allowing for both excellent float, and non-grabby carving. A combination of a rockered tip that plows through anything from powder to mashed potatoes, underfoot camber that gives the ski impressive edge hold on hardpack, and a 3D Radius Sidecut that delivers a range of turn radii from agile quick turns to large sweeping race-style turns inspired Volkl to describe this ski as a "freeride touring" ski. However, don't let that deceive you as this ski is in fact much more. With an encouraging weight for the up and surprising and amazing turn quality on all kind of snow and slopes, combined with unrelenting responsiveness, we prefer to consider this ski a "do-it-all tool" for those entering the backcountry with big ambitions or simply looking for a lap or two before work. Like a German-engineered scalpel in the hand of a skilled surgeon, the Rise Beyond 98 will do exactly what you tell it to and how you tell it to as it cuts its way through anything. If you're looking for a quiver-of-one ski that is a superb ride anywhere and anytime, the confidence inspiring Rise Beyond 98 will exceed all of your expectations.

  • Poplar, beech, and paulownia wood core (which Volkl calls their "Tourlite Woodcore") plus a carbon tip layup keep the ski lightweight.
  • 3D Radius Sidecut makes this ski adept at turns of all sizes and speeds.
  • Tip rocker and underfoot camber provide excellent float and edge hold with no "grabbiness."
  • Volkl's Smart Skinclip lets you rip your skins from either the tip or tail - whichever you feel is easiest for the situation.
  • A powerful, impressive, and just downright fun ski that could replace your current quiver.
  • Precut skins to fit the skis perfectly, sold separately.
Lengths (cm) 156, 163, 170, 177, 184
convert to ounces
1230g [156]
1280g [163]
1340g [170]
1425g [177]
1485g [184]
Weight (pair) 2460g [156]
2560g [163]
2680g [170]
2850g [177]
2970g [184]
Sidecut   133-98-116 [all]
Turn Radius   14.6m [156]
15.9m [163]
17.9m [170]
20.1m [177]
22.3m [184]
Skin Fix   Volkl's Smart Clip tip attachment, flat notched tail
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Tip rocker, camber underfoot, slightly lifted tail
Shape   VTA style tapered tip, 3D Radius Sidecut, and tapered tail
Construction   Full length cap construction
Core   Tourlite Woodcore (beech wood underfoot with poplar + paulownia elsewhere)
Skimo Co Says
Usage "Do-it-all tool" for those entering the backcountry with big ambitions
Notes Much more damp than the previous VTA 98
Bottom Line Volkl's best touring ski yet
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Questions & Reviews

Maya A (used product a few times)
Great overall performance of my Rise Beyond 98 put a smile on my face every time I go for a touring day in the nearby rocks! We have just small hills here by my home and I have to go up and down hills at least 5 times per trip. The skis are so light being wide to enjoy both powder and ices packed snow. Love sharp edges that makes it easy to carve my turns. Hard enough to ski on produced snow and at the same time soft enough for floating over fresh unpacked snow. Absolute catch for me:)
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Ryan (downright abused product)
These skis are awesome. I have them in the 184 length. They are a great balance of downhill performance and uphill lightness. The small camber with long rocker profile makes this quite forgiving in many different conditions. It is relatively damp for a ski of this size/weight. Curious how the new 96 waisted version is.. This iteration was a home run. Plan on running these into the ground.
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Question from Brian
What boots would you combine with this ski, given its stiffness and dampness? Is it more of a light free ride kind of ski better suited to a Scarpa Maestrale RS or Tecnica Zero G or could it comfortably be driven with a light boot like the Scarpa F1 LT or Atomic Backland?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Brian, it really depends on your skiing style and what you want to accomplish. So in short, you could pair a ski like the Volkl Rise Beyond 98 with a beefier freeride boot or a lighter touring boot for bigger days. The Rise Beyond 98 is that type of ski that for its weight, dimensions, and ski shape could be complementary as a go faster and rail hard turns ski or an every day do it all ski for bigger days in the backcountry. A boot like the Scarpa F1 LT or Atomic Backland Carbon both have the capability of driving the Rise Beyond 98 comfortably.
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Question from Ragnhild
How are these compared to Black Diamond Helio Carbon 95?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for reaching out! Both are excellent skis and mostly geared for the same person, albeit with some minor differences. The Helios have a full sidewall while the Volkl's have a capped construction. This will result in a "smearier" surfy feel for the Volkl while the Helio 95 will have a more precise feel while on edge. The Volkl is also a bit heavier than the Helio 95's. While you may feel the extra weight over the course of a 10,000 vertical day, the Volk will have a more "damp" feel in variable snow that won't transmit as much feedback to the skier as the Helio 95. Overall both are great skis and it will hard to go wrong.
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Question from Kevin
Hello I am looking for a versatile ski to use in the backcountry (PNW) for some freeride powder days that can also ski variable conditions (muir in early season), and maybe a volcano from time to time. Looking for some stability but playfulness and control. How would you pit these against the Volkl BMT 90

Thanks so much!
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Kevin,

Thanks for reaching out! Based on what you are looking for in a ski, the Volkl Rise Beyond would be a great choice! They are a blast in powder, and have the stability and power to punch through variable conditions. The BMT improves on some of the features in the Rise Beyond 98. At a lighter weight, they pack the same punch in power and stability. The reduced waist width would provide less float in powder, but you might appreciate the weight savings on the way up! If you have any further questions, reach out to us at and we can help you hone in on a great ski.
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Question from Erin
Do these skis have the H shaped binding mount plate like the VTA 88 Lite had?
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Erin,

These skis have a similar structured mounting plate to an H pattern.The specifications of these mounting areas are as follows: Both front plates are 19.63 mm wide, and 199 mm long. The rear plates are 19.63 millimeters wide and 229 mm long. What bindings are you looking into mounting on these skis?
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Question from Casey
How would you compare these to the Salomon MTN Explore 95? I have a pair of BMT 90s that I used with Vipec 12s in the alps, but due to COVID am going to be in the Tetons all winter (and the BMTs are still back in Germany), so I'm looking for a slightly different setup. Any recommendations/thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!
Answer from Julieana
Hi Casey, the Vokl Rise Beyond is a really awesome ski! However it is going to ski very differently than the Salomon MTN Explore. The Vokl Rise Beyond is going to be significantly damper and a lot stiffer, so it'll feel a lot more powerful but less playful and poppy than the Salomon. It does have more side cut, though, so it's going to be a bit easier to turn in comparison. It's a great ski that will perform powerfully and consistently in a variety of snow conditions.
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Model: Rise Beyond 98

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