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Volkl Precut Skins

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Skins by Volkl, precut to fit your Rise Above and Rise Beyond skis right out of the box. With the time-tested mix of 70% mohair and 30% nylon, these skins will zip you up the mountain to where you need to be. Utilizing Kohla's new Smart Glue on a rubber backing layer, the skins are waterproof and shockingly easy to manage - they peel apart and off your skis like a dream. These skins are pre-shaped, silver-grey, and feature Volkl's Smart Skinclip system that allows you to remove the skin from either the tip or the tail depending on the situation. If you need some skins for your new Volkl touring skis, these precuts are ready to climb.

  • 70/30 Mohair/Nylon mix for the optimum balance of grip and glide.
  • Kohla's new Smart Glue sets the bar for ease of application and removal.
  • Tapered at the tip to save weight where less skin contact is needed.
  • Affix with Volkl's new Smart Skinclip that lets you rip from tip or tail.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Brian
Hi, I have several sets of the earlier Volkl branded Coltex skins for my BMT 109’s and 94’s with the blue plush and tip insert. I really like everything about them, glide, grip, packability, durability, adhesion to the ski etc., except that the glue is so tenacious that I can barely pull them apart when transitioning. Using skin savers works, but is not practical in the field. With use, they have mellowed a bit, but are still a workout to get apart. Are these new ones also made by Coltex and have they mellowed out the grip of the glue?
Answer from jbo
Hi Brian, these are made by Kohla using their Smart Glue which is *much* more manageable than the Colltex glue.
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Austin (used product regularly)
I got these back in 2021 and the glue was bad, had a hard time sticking to the skis if the temperatures were cold or you got snow on them. I took them back to Skimo at the start of 2022 winter season stating as such, they can gave me a new set of skins stating that the initial skins didn't get enough glue in the initial batches. Winter of 2022 has proved no different... these skins and glue have to be babied like none other in order for them to stick to the ski.

Thankfully Skimo Co. offered me a full refund for the purchase and I returned these to never use them again. Bottom line, if you like doing multiple laps, avoid these skins, eventually the glue will stop working.
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Question from Tammy
I can't find 170cm rise beyond 98 skins. Will the 177cm skins work?
Answer from Zak M
Hey, out of the box the 177cm precut skins will not work. I can sign you up for a notification once more arrive or there would be quite a few options in our trim to fit category that will work as well!
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Question from Erik
Are the rise high (88) skins going to come back in stock this season or is it possible to special order them?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Erik. Please reach out to us at and we can help you out!
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Question from Theodor
Would it fit 2015 Mod mantra skis 177cm?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Theodor, the pre-cut skins for the Rise Beyond would be just a bit narrow. You would be much better off going with one of our  trim to fit skin options.
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Question from Andrew Radin
Is the skin adjustable for length? will the 177 cm skin fit my 180 cm ski?
Answer from Julieana
Hey Andrew, yes the tail clip can be adjusted for different lengths, however the dimensions of this skin will be cut specifically for the Volkl Rise 98 in the 177 cm length.
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Model: Precut Skins

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