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Volkl Precut Skins

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Skins by Volkl, precut to fit your Rise High 88, or Rise Beyond 98 right out of the box. With the time-tested mix of 70% mohair and 30% nylon, these skins will zip you up the mountain to where you need to be. Utilizing Kohla's new Smart Glue, the skins have impressive adhesion throughout the day and are surprisingly easy to rip off - especially considering how well affixed to your skis they will be during the climb! These skins are tapered, silver-grey, and feature Volkl's Smart Skinclip skin-attach system that allows you to remove the skin from either the tip or the tail depending on the situation. If you need some skins for your new Volkl touring ski, then these precut skins are ready to roll right out of the box.

  • 70/30 Mohair/Nylon mix.
  • Kohla's new Smart Glue sets the bar for uphill adhesion and ease of removal.
  • Tapered at the tip to save weight where less skin contact is needed.
  • Affix with Volkl's new Smart Skinclip that lets you rip from tip or tail.

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Model: Precut Skins

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