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Salomon MTN 96 Carbon Ski


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Following in the footsteps of an older sibling is never easy, especially when they’re handsome, smart, and good at math. Therefore, Salomon had to take great care when replacing the MTN Explore 95, a ski that set an exceptionally high bar. Eager to get out from under the shadow of its older brother and forge its own identity, the Salomon MTN 96 Carbon accomplishes the same mission as the MTN Explore 95, but in a very different manner. While the MTN Explore 95 spent more time at the gym “getting swole,” the MTN 96 Carbon prefers aerobic and stretching exercises, meaning it is lighter and more flexible than its bigger brother. By utilizing cork, which is 16x more absorptive of vibration than Koroyd, the MTN 96 Carbon is very damp, which will help to lessen the "suck factor" of dropping in on refrozen sastrugi. The shape and sidecut of the ski make it an instant favorite of those lucky enough to ski it. As a proud Gen Z’er, the MTN 96 Carbon also cares deeply about the environment, which can be seen in its construction that utilizes 40% recycled material. The MTN 96 Carbon is damp, forgiving, lightweight, and eager to accompany you on your next adventure.

  • Cork Damplifier is 16x more absorptive than Koroyd, providing a smooth ride over rough snow/ice.
  • 40% recycled content makes your ski bases look very interesting.
  • Full Karuba Woodcore is light and durable.
  • Carbon Skin Tail Clip helps climbing skins stay put.
Lengths (cm) 166, 174, 182
convert to ounces
1300g [166]
1420g [174]
1565g [182]
Weight (pair) 2600g [166]
2840g [174]
3130g [182]
Dimensions   128-96-114 [166]
129-96-115 [174]
130-96-116 [182]
Turn Radius   18
Skin Fix   Rounded tip, carbon skin tail clip
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   All-terrain rocker
Shape   Slightly longer shovel with tapered tail
Construction   Woodcore with
Core   Karuba
Skimo Co Says
Usage Everyday ski touring
Notes Recycled bases look spacey
Bottom Line Super playful and solid ski
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Questions & Reviews

Steven (used product a few times)
First couple weeks on these, excellent skis! Not a super experienced skier, but have found these to be surprisingly good inbounds in less than ideal conditions.
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Question from Roberto
I've been riding the 1,77 mtn 95 for a long time. Unfortunately with this new version they changed the lenght. Now I'm not sure if I should go longer with the 182 or shorter with the 1,74. I'm 1,78 myself. Considering the changes in the new model, what measure would you advise?
Answer from jbo
Hi Roberto, yes it's a different ski. For choosing a length it could come down to your turning style...if you like shorter and quicker turns it's ok to loose a few cms; the ski is still plenty stable. The 182 you could open up for longer turns and float a bit more in soft snow, but maybe could require a bit more boot to drive.
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Question from Hadrien
Good afternoon

Anyone tried these skis ? How are they behaving on hard pack slopes and changing terrain ?
Are they good all round skis and how do they compare with the g3 findr and Dynastar M96 ?
Answer from jbo
Hi Hadrien, yes we typically test all the skis we carry! These carve great on hard pack while being bit more playful and quicker than the previous 95s. They aren't so stiff as to be a handful in mixed terrain, but maybe not the power to just blow through it either. Less mass than the skis you mention, but we found them quite compliant.
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Model: MTN 96 Carbon

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