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Atomic Hawx Ultra XTD 115 Boot - Women

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With the walking capabilities of two-buckle boots and the skiing chops of a full-blown alpine boot, the Atomic Hawx Ultra XTD 115 W is somewhat of a contradiction. Taking cues from both the streamlined Backland and Atomic’s alpine racing boots, the Hawx is a quiver of one for freeride touring. Combining Progressive Shell tech and the beefy Free/Lock 2.0 spine, the Hawx shines when it comes time to rip skins and head straight down. Skywalk Gripwalk Soles allow you to scramble on rock, step into a light tech binding, and step into a Gripwalk binding. If you like skiing big skis at high speeds, skiing skinny skis like a racer, or just want a performance and low-drama boot, the Atomic Hawx XTD Women’s boot has you covered.

  • 6000-Series Alu Buckles are light, burly, and ready for more.
  • Investment Cast Tech Tech Inserts ensure seamless tech-binding integration.
  • Skywalk Gripwalk sole allows unmatched freedom and versatility.
  • Free/Lock 2.0 Lever is simple, light, reliable, and powerful.
  • Fully customizable Memory Fit Shell fits all feet from pretty to problem.
  • Frictionless Pivot means less effort on the way up.

Update 2019/20: The Women's Hawx was re-rated as a 115 flex versus a 110.

Update 2020/21: Atomic switched to a Mimic liner for the Atomic Hawx XTD 115, adding ski performance and about 100 grams.

Update 2021/22: This year Atomic widened the Quick Release Cam Strap to 40mm.

Update 2022/23: Atomic changed the cuff material to PA and also updated the paint job.

convert to ounces
1468g [25/25.5]
Weight (pair) 2936g [25/25.5]
Buckles   Four + Power Strap
Boot Sole Length   262mm [22/22.5]
272mm [23/23.5]
282mm [24/24.5]
292mm [25/25.5]
302mm [26/26.5]
312mm [27/27.5]
Binding Compatibility   Tech, Hybrid, ISO 9523
Cuff Rotation   54°
Forward Lean(s)   15°, 17°
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   PA cuff & shell
Liner   Mimic Platinum Liner
Sole   Skywalk GripWalk Sole (ISO 23223)
Skimo Co Says
Usage Going big
Notes Memory Fit Shell and Mimic Liner offer amazing custom molding capabilities
Bottom Line Ultra custom, ultra simple, ultra awesome
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Questions & Reviews

Csnowah (used product regularly)
One solid season locked in on these puppies and I am incredibly satisfied. 27/27.5 fits just as I would expect with a size 10 Women's foot. Comfortable from the very first outing I wouldn't say I even had to deal with a break-in period. Easy to use, walk mode feels fantastic, happy to use them at the resort or in the backcountry.

Two issues so far (40 days in): Not a huge fan of the very top strap system as I have had some slippage occur, and roll-up of a portion of the in-sole is becoming a nuisance. Not deal breakers by any means and I hope to put these through a good number of abusive seasons in the years to come.
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Question from Kat
Two questions for you all...

First, what's the last on these? I have the atomic hawx ultra 115 (w's 23.5) and love them because they are low volume and have a relatively high cuff for a women's boot. Is the touring model built on the exact same last?

Second, what's the verdict on the walk mode? I want to love the dynafit hojis because they walk like a dream and are nice and stiff, but they are too wide and kill my feet. Alas, I've been relegated to the Gea RS, which walks ok-enough, but are soft (110? I'm not buying it!) and have a shorter cuff which likely contributes to me folding them over. I want a boot with good downhill performance, and I'm not looking for a skimo boot, but I do want to be able to put in longer tours without my hip flexors hating me. Is this going to walk as well as the Gea (aka not the best but pretty good)? Thanks!
Answer from Patrick C

This boot has a stated last of 98mm, but given your boot size this parameter will be smaller. This boot certainly has a slim fit to start, but the moldable shell allows for plenty of adjustability. I can not say for sure that it is built on the same last as your alpine boot, but different plastics and different liners would keep this boot from feeling exactly the same.

As for the walk mode, the numbers tell us that the Gea RS has a larger ROM (60 degrees vs. the 54 degrees for the Hawx XTD). Realistically this is a more downhill oriented boot that walks well enough for a freeride boot. Seems like it could be a good fit, but you can always fill out our Boot Fitter if you want to dial in the best boot. Hope this helps!
Answer from Laura L
Hi Kat, if it's helpful... I've put over 150 days (100+ touring) on the 21/22 model of these. I'm 5'8, about 130#. They walk uphill great, can easily put 6000'+ days on these. I can throw them down couloirs and feel really confident. I even ski them resort, though I love these boots so much I'm going to get resort boots to "save" them a bit more. The walk mode is great, no issues with the mechanism yet (though you sometimes need to flex your ankle to "pop" the boot back into ski mode, like all boots of this type).

I am getting a pair of skimo style boots e.g. TLT X soon for a big objective (40 miles) but I've put easily 10-15 mile tours down on these with no issues beyond needing to grease my feet / wear the right socks (which happens for me regardless of boot).
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Trevor J (used product a few times)
I bought these for my wife. She's used them three touring days and three resort days. She had never skied before. We visited skimo in SLC to choose them. Skimo helped us find a boot that fit her well. This was tricky as she has no history with ski boots. But after her third day things started to click and she's improved each time coming down since. Thank you guys so much for your help. she paired these with the seven summits binding/ski. can't second guess progress. Thanks
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Question from Tom McCoy
Where on these boots would you attach a leash? Need to install a D-ring?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for reaching out, Tom. With this boot, attaching the leash to a buckle would be the best option!
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Model: Hawx Ultra XTD 115W

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