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Sometimes, it is necessary to let loose and get a little radical. While “radical” is an individualized term, Dynafit, with the introduction of the Radical Pro W, seems to think it means pillows, drops, and high-speed aprons in far out locations. To get there, the Hoji Pro W boasts an exceptional 60-degree range of motion, which certainly won’t hold you back while chugging uphill. Once at the top, the slick Hoji Lock System makes transitioning a breeze, which provides you more time to soak in the views while waiting for your partners to finish. When the time comes to point your skis downhill, the stout 120 flex begs to go faster and faster and will support you during those “uh oh” moments. With a burly flex, incredible range of motion, and quick Hoji Lock System, the Dynafit Radical Pro W is for the person that wants to do just that, get radical.

  • Hoji Lock Mechanism makes transitions efficient.
  • 120 Flex is ready to drive bigger skis, fast.
  • Master Step inserts provide a reliable connection to the ski.
  • Microregulated buckles allow you to find the position that’s juuuuuuust right.
  • Ultra-Lock Strap is secure and easy to use.
  • Progressive Flex is supple off the top and supportive for the big drops.
  • Safety Lock Buckles keep you locked in.
  • Flex Tongue won’t inhibit your range of motion on the way to the top.
  • Liner made from Ultralon foam.

Update 2023/34: Other than a new paint job, the boot is unchanged.

convert to ounces
1396g [25.5]
Weight (pair) 2792g [25.5]
Buckles   3 + Power Strap
Boot Sole Length   267mm [22.5]
267mm [23/23.5]
277mm [24/24.5]
287mm [25/25.5]
297mm [26/26.5]
307mm [27/27.5]
Binding Compatibility   Tech, Hybrid, ISO 9523
Cuff Rotation   60°
Forward Lean(s)   11°
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Grilamid with glass fibers
Liner   Radical Pro with Ultralon liner
Sole   Pomoca Climb
Skimo Co Says
Usage Free touring and everyday touring
Notes Queen of the, steep, backcountry
Bottom Line A free touring boot for the masses
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Jessica Robinson
I would also like to know the answer to Paul’s question above about the boot some length between the 22.5 in the 23.5.
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Jessica,

Great question. The shell between the 22.5 and 23/23.5 in this boot is the same. While there are some true 22s out there, many manufacturers either use a 23 shell and a shorter liner, or they put a block/some sort of shortening material in the front of the 22.5 to make it feel smaller than the 23.

In the case of this boot, the liner in the 22.5 is slightly shorter than the 23.5. That is the only apparent difference!
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Question from wren P
If I wear a 26 in the TLT6 would a 26 still be the appropriate size in this boot?
Answer from Niko M
Hi Wren! If you found a good fit in a size 26 boot, a 26 in the Radical Pro will be the best bet. The fit between the TLT 6 and Radical Pro do differ however. To get into the details on whether the Radical Pro is the boot for you, fill out our Boot Fitter Thanks!
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Question from Kris
How high is the boot cuff compared to the TLT8 carbonio boot? I wear a size 24.5 in the TLT8 and am looking for a little beefier boot, but I like a taller cuff than most women's boots
Answer from Niko M
Hi Kris!
The Radical Pro's cuff height is 0.5in taller than the TLT8's, 11.5in and 11in respectively. For a beefier boot compared to the TLT8, the Radical Pro is an excellent option. Thanks!
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Question from Kevin
Since this does not have the spoiler installed, can you install the spoiler that is found on the mens bot to increase the forward lean to 15?
Answer from Brett S
Hey Kevin, the spoiler is listed as being incompatible with the women's boot, sorry about that!
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Question from Paul Richey
I have recently tried on the Dynafit Radical W in size 23.5. I measure at 23 on a Mondo measure plate.
I have an extremely high rigid instep and E to EE forefoot. Needless to say, boot fit is an issue.
The 23.5 feels long, with some heel slippage, and after 20 minutes in the boots (liners not heat molded), my instep is screaming ouch. Otherwise the boot feels like a good overall fit. Also, the flex feels a bit soft. I probably would prefer the stiffer Pro model… Can the plastic over the instep be punched on this boot! Or would you modify the tongue on the liner? Could the plastic on the pro version be punched? It looks to me like it could be relieved over the instep since it is not a traditional overlap shell construction.
Answer from eric
Paul- The plastic on the tongue would not hold a punch it is to soft and thin, the liner tongue is pretty thin too, so there is not much to gain there either. The Pro is similar plastic and liner. I would hazard to say that they are the same liner with the womens having a calf cut out at the back top of the liner. If this boot does not have the room over your instep then you might want to try one of the Scott boots. They seem to have a taller instep to the Radicals.
Answer from Paul R
Another question. The website shows the 22.5 and 23.5 having the same sole length. Are they both the same shell or is the 22.5 actually shorter on the inside. Or is it just more liner stuffed in a 23.5 shell?
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