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Who better to design a field book than the gurus? The BCA Field Book was developed with AIARE to record detailed snowpack analysis. It provides a clear structure to write notes as taught in the avalanche-awareness and snow-science curriculum. Encompassing just about every variable used to make educated decisions about the snowpack, the BCA Field Book may just be the ultimate analog recording device for your career as a backcountry skier.

  • Developed in conjunction with the American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education.
  • Waterproof pages can be used even when it’s snowing, just a pencil is required.
  • 50 formatted pages to record trip plans, field observations, and snowpack profiles.

Update: This book was replaced by the Decision Making Guide.

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Questions & Reviews

Benski (used product a few times)
Great option for those newer to Backcountry travel (make sure you get the most recent version from AIARE, which has a different look). Waterproof means you should never not take notes, and helpful templates to guide conversations, plans, and observations.
Would be nice to have a few more pages, but that’s what blank field books are helpful for once you’ve mastered a form that works well for you
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Jonathan S (used product regularly)
Five Stars for a field book that it far more than the simple note-taking booklet from days of yore.
I'll admit to some bias, since as an AIARE instructor I've participated in many group discussion sessions at our periodic refresher training courses on the drafts of various revised versions, plus I assisted with the copy editing of a few versions.
But that just makes me appreciate even more all the effort from a wide group of avalanche instructors that went into the content, design, and layout of the various pages.
The bottomline is that you end up with far more than the historical narrow-minded focus on recording obs, and instead the field book prompts you to put more time in tour planning and decisionmaking.
If you haven't taken any formal avalanche training in recent years, well, you should, but absent that, this field book would be a nice refresher to bring you up to speed on the current focus on avalanche training.
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