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CAMP G Comp Wind Glove

Brand: CAMP
Model: G Comp Wind
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CAMP describes the G Comp Wind as the ultimate glove for spring ski tours and randonee races. We think the hyperbole is justified. The basic glove is lightweight, flexible and grippy. It really starts to shine, however, when the wind picks up and your hands cool off. Hidden in the top of the wrist is a Windmit'N, which you can pull out and cover your fingers on the fly. This shields your digits from the elements while leaving the palm exposed so you can still get a good grip your poles. As the race heats up, simply tuck the mitten back into the wrist and zip.

  • Windmit'N is a coated ripstop nylon that shields your fingers from the wind or tucks into the wrist.
  • Durable synthetic leather palm is reinforced with patches where you grip a pole and under the pole strap.
  • Grip'R pads are added to the thumb and index finger to improve your dexterity.
  • Terry wipe on the thumb is great for wiping the sweat off your brow.
  • Security strap on the wrist prevents the lightweight glove from flying away.

** Usage note: Extend the life of these gloves by removing the Windmit'N when working with bindings or skins.

-> ounces
52g [L]
Weight (pair) 104g [L]
Cuffs Elastic with security strap
Screen Touch No
Specs Verified Yes
Materials Synthetic leather palm, nylon Windmit'N
Skimo Co Says
Usage Racing and other winter aerobics
Notes Wind shield can be stowed in the wrist
Bottom Line Ultralight with bonus wind protection
by Jonathan S (used product a few times)
Overall: Five Stars for a fairly typical softshell light- to moderate-duty glove with the added bonus of an integrated and quickly deployable additional wind layer. Only Caveats are really small sizing (with no sizing chart from CAMP!) and limited durability of the separate wind layer.

Background on product familiarity: I bought a pair in Medium which always fits me in every other brand . . . but these were a bit too small so I eventually gave them to a buddy.

First, the first impressions out of the box: How can these be so tight for a size Medium? Otherwise, a fairly typical lightweight glove … except for the integrated and quickly deployable wind mitten for when the elements temporarily overcome the warmth and/or water resistance of the glove.

Second impressions, in use: I run very hot, so I can get by with lightweight gloves for something like 99% of the time. For the remaining 1%, I’m always reluctant to go into my pack for bulky waterproof overgloves, especially given that stopping is just going to freeze me up even more. Instead, just deploy the separate wind mitten layer for that extra little bit of warmth and/or water resistance that is almost always all someone like me needs, as long as I’m still moving.

Third impressions, for long-term durability: The glove durability is typical for such a lightweight design. The separate wind mitten layer will last okay if you use it only for skinning (as I have on another pair). But if you wear it while messing with buckles, skis, skins, etc., then it will shred fairly quickly (as my buddy has done, and as is obvious from even a cursory inspection of the material).
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by jack (used product regularly)
Great gloves. Fit nicely, and the wind mitt does it's job.

They are not particularly warm though, so make sure you're using them for the right conditions. My fingers get cold at around 20 on regular tours. Haven't used them for a race yet (which is why I bought them), but have done several brisk skis.
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by Rad (used product regularly)
I find these gloves only good to about 20 degrees and use them more for winter cycling. They are great for that but because they are not water resistant just a spill in the snow will make them cold and wet. I use the wind mitt sparingly because it is thin and wears easily. I have patched both with ripstop nylon and it does not hold well because the material is so thin. The fit however is fantastic as it fits like a glove with good grip.
Reply from Rando Richard
Is there enough room to wear a thin liner glove inside these?
Reply from jbo
Hi Richard, generally these are to be worn as the first layer, and second when you deploy the wind mitt. It would have to be a very thin and tight glove to fit underneath.
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by A OK (downright abused product)
A darn near perfect approach glove on all but the coldest of days. I've left them on throughout long days here and there, using the G Comp's on both the uphill and the downhill to see if the Windmit'n would really work. It seems (to me) that it adds about 5-10° of warmth to the gloves, particularly when my hand is clamped to a pole. So it works if I'm moving fast and generating heat, but if it's really chilly out, I tend to switch out the gloves at the top, or after the second or third lap. Just the nature of hands on cold days, really.

I love the rubberized palm - works well when holding onto the pole shaft while sidehilling. Super grippy. It wore out in spots faster than I expected; however, the friction of a rubber palm and fingers on rubber grips is gonna get pretty abusive. There aren't any holes in the glove material though, this stuff is pretty resilient.

The only issue with the gloves is the Windmit'n itself. Over longer periods of use, it has tended to get pretty beat up, with tears and holes popping up. To my own discredit though, I've kept the Mit'n on while doing stuff with skis and bindings (that's not recommended) as well as grabbing onto rocks (climbing) with it in place. (Hey, it was cold out!) Beef up the nylon Mit'n and this is a 5 star product for sure!
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