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Contour race tips are an elastic with a sewn webbing on top and nylon washer to fit over the ski. Cut the skins, fold them back over themselves, sew or rivet the skin in place, and voila! Race rip ready.

Tips do not come with rivets or sewing kit.

Tips are sold in pairs.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from John B
How does the skin attach at the end of the ski? Is there a strap and fitting like many skins have or do you just use the glue to keep them on?
Answer from Niko M
Hi John!
For race skins, many will forgo the tail strap or other attachment to increase efficiency during fast transitions. Other than that, for most applications skins have tail attachment points. Thanks!
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Ben (used product a few times)
I broke one of these tips on my 3rd or 4th day on them. There is no solid metal clamp or knot holding the cord together. Trying to tie a knot in the cord to finish the tour with frozen fingers was not fun.
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Question from Karl W
How skinny of a tip and skin can I use these on? I have some 35mm montana skins I use on xc race skis that the tip finally disintegrated on.
Answer from Teddy Young
As for attaching the skins to the ski, these race tips are designed to be used with skis that have a notch at the tip. These race tips can be used on nearly any skin width, just trim the edges until the form a narrow enough strip to fit through the bungee race tip. Then fold the skin material back over itself, and sew or rivet the skin in place.
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