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The Pomoca Top Fix RACE attachments consist of a highly elastic 3.5mm traction cord, an elliptical ring with excentric holes, and a plastic end cap. These weigh 9 grams per tip including two rivets and the adjustable plastic end grip (which is now white, not black as in the picture). If you don't like peeling climbing skins off your skis with your fingernails, consider adding some tip attachments. The price is for a pair that comes with installation instructions.

Update 2022/23: Pomoca is now pre-crimping the stopper plate and attaching the plastic tip for you. This may make it more difficult to make fixed-length skins with tail clips.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Rio
What tail clip do people recommend for race tips? I must be blind, I wasn't able to find them under the attachments section
Answer from jbo
Hi Rio, for race skins most folks go without tail clips. For a touring skin, a fixed-length tail such as the Contour Tailhooks (Set or Shark) works well.
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Question from Bruce
This instructional video
shows the use of a "Pomoca shaped rule" to cut the end of the skin in the correct shape. Does the rule comes with the kit? Or is it provided when you buy skins off the roll? Thank you.
Answer from Julieana
Hey Bruce,
You can purchase the race trim pattern rule from the Pomoca Cutting Pattern page. Alternatively, you can cut a square flap to fold over the loop and use a straight edge ruler to draw a basic taper shape.
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Question from Gavin
What tool do you use to remove the old rivets?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Gavin, thanks for the question! In order get the old rivets out you could grind them very thin to be able to pull them out with some needle nose pliers, or a good pair of snips should also do the trick.
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Centerfold (downright abused product)
I had Skimo modify my skins with a tip attachment. I LOVE IT. We used these and the cord has held up after one season of heavy use. I love tip attachments over the tail pull. So much more efficient when buddies are taking skis off and you are all ready to go scoping your line. One of my favorite pieces of gear. Highly recommended
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Jonathan S (used product a few times)
[My review is based on the version that comes with La Sportiva X-Race skins – even though La Sportiva apparently uses a different supplier for the actual skins, the X-Race tip hardware looks *exactly* the same as the Pomoca version shown here.]

Five Stars minus One Caveat: the supplied rivets didn’t work out well for me, so I reverted to my trusty Speed Stitcher Sewing awl. Otherwise, everything about this is a step above making them yourself: the cord is just right, the length adjustment is slick, and the crimping works well for setting up the stopper’s attachment point.
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BGC Wendy (used product regularly)
For those that don't want to sew, this kit is for you.

After making a couple of my own skins I've strayed away from these. I save the pull tabs and stoppers and reuse them when I make my next pair.

My best advice would be to get a speedy stitcher and sew the tabs down. I am not a fan of their press clamps, so this solves the problem for me. Also for you gram counters (this is a skimo site), sewing the skins down instead of the clamps saves weight. You can further make it lighter by using a bottle cap instead of the plastic/metal tab that comes in the kit.

I highly recommend looking into getting a speedy stitcher and making your own pull tabs that way.
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A OK (downright abused product)
For light and fast skin removal methods, I haven't used anything better than this tip attachment system.

Just make sure you crimp the crimps TIGHTLY. And put the clampy black tip end on the end of the 3.5mm cords, I've seen people try to right this the wrong way before. The clamp makes it easy to pull the skins off while wearing gloves, even bulky, big ones.

Had a tip clamp partially blow up somehow (no idea) but the system can still be used without it. Just make sure to melt the nylon around the 3.5 mm stretch cord, or it will fray heavily.
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