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“What goes up must come down.” This inescapable reality is what makes our sport so great, and at times, so cruel. Because of this, manufacturers have been hard at work searching far and wide to find the perfect ratio of uphill efficiency to downhill performance. With the Quantum 110, Dalbello has seemingly found the answer. The generous 65° range of motion will make the 4-hour approach feel manageable while the supportive 110 flex will let you enjoy the fruits of your labor. Most of the boots within this category sport BOA/Velcro enclosure systems, but the Quantum 110 has two real buckles and added power strap which have the benefit of simplicity and added durability. And when the going gets too steep to skin, the dual-density Vibram sole will provide the traction you need to continue to confidently crawl upward on foot. The Dalbello Quantum 110 is the boot for skiers that dream of a balanced, versatile tool that performs well in just about every backcountry scenario.

  • Extra Dual Link provides 65° range of motion.
  • Dual-density Vibram sole provides grip during exciting bootpacks.
  • Bonded Shell construction is light and stiff.
  • Two dedicated buckles, plus a power strap for increased stiffness and power transfer.
  • A full-length bootboard provides insulation against cold conditions.
convert to ounces
1328g [27.5]
Weight (pair) 2656g [27.5]
Buckles   2
Boot Sole Length   275mm [24.5]
285mm [25.5]
295mm [26.5]
305mm [27.5]
315mm [28.5]
325mm [29.5]
335mm [30.5]
Binding Compatibility   Tech, Hybrid, ISO 9523
Cuff Rotation   65°
Forward Lean(s)   12°
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Polyamide composite throughout
Liner   IF Touring Sport
Sole   Vibram dual density rocker
Skimo Co Says
Usage Everyday touring, free touring
Notes Lightweight 2 buckle “beef” boot
Bottom Line Light and durable boot that will drive bigger skis
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Questions & Reviews

Andrew S (downright abused product)
I skied these boots for a couple seasons and logged over 150k vertical feet in these. Overall I've been thrilled with this boot's performance. The "Dual Link" upper cuff design provides a great range of motion and feels frictionless within that range. Other boots claim to have the same or even more range but they all have more friction within that range. Over the years, I've found that the free feeling of movement is more important to walking performance than an absolute range number.

Ski performance is also excellent... for a while. This leads to my major gripe with the boot. For the first season in these boots I thought this was the ideal balance between walk and ski performance. After a time, the ski performance began to drop off when the cuff rivets became noticeably sloppy. When locked into ski mode, the cuff rivets would snap and pop with forward/backward pressure as the holes in the shell had become "ovalized". I tried to have Skimo Co press the rivets tighter but there was no improvement.

Overall a great boot. Walkablilty is unmatched for a boot in this weight class, ski performance is superb, lifespan is disappointing. I did end up buying a second pair in the 130 flex to replace these so that should tell you how much I enjoyed this boot despite the short lifespan.
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Josh J (downright abused product)
Great boot performance on uphill and downhill. Not impressed with the liners, be careful if you tend to take your liners out of your boot often. I ripped the tongue off and ripped a hole in the heel. They served their lifetime but not much more.
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Question from simon x
just curious if those would work as good as my trusted-all-orange maestrales for driving bmt 90s, qst 99s etc under all conditions...
also considering skoprius I or II depending on price.
BUT on the other hand i m scared to death when changing a good fitting boot and you folks know darned well what i m talking about.
Answer from Emmett I

These will be a good bit softer than the Maestrales. Still doable in powder/soft snow, but not ideal in crud/variable snow. These will also be a bit narrower at the last.

The Skorpius I and II are a bit more supportive with a good progressive flex pattern. Still not as stiff as the Maestrale. They also fit more similarly than the Dabellos with a wide forefoot and narrow heel.
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Question from Mariusz W
Can the lower shell be punched in these? How difficult they are to do shell modifications? I'm asking as 28.5 fits pretty well for me but I would probably need some space for big toes
Answer from jbo
Hi Mariusz, yes these can be worked on. In general, you can't get much extra length in a ski boot but a slight punch on one toe shouldn't be a problem.
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Tjaard B (used product a few times)
I was looking for a boot that had easy transitions, a good walk mode, yet still had enough support for my lack of ski skills combined with a lot of leverage (6’5”), and some bigger skis (Wayback 106, 185cm).

The Quantum Free hits all those marks.
Very good range of motion, and lack of resistance in that range. Feels similar to Backlands from when I tried those on.
Since these have a full sole (ISO 9523), they are bit longer in the sole length than most comparable boots, this might make skinning or dry ground walking a bit less comfortable. But does offer full compatibility with all bindings.
Transitions are easy (with my upgraded powerstrap), cuff buckle flips from open to closed, but can stay on the same catch.
Instep buckle can be opened or left closed, personal preference, since there is no tongue, it does not affect range of motion.
Walk mode lever has a little spring loaded hook that locks the lever in place, no matter how hard you fall onto the back of the boot.
Hardwear seems solid, and replaceable if needed.
I skied my Wayback 106 inbounds for a few runs and had plenty forward and lateral support (for me).

Fit was on the short side lengthwise, other than that, nothing stood out to me about the fit.
Reply from Tjaard B
Below is a my boot, weighing in at 1283 grams. That is with the TLT8 powerstrap and Palau Power LT liner.
Size 28.5
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Question from Russell Scott
the Dalbello power strap must be constructed from INVISIBILIUM!?
Answer from Zak M
That's a good joke Russell! The Free 110 does in fact have a power strap but these were the photos that Dalbello provided us, but we will get right on changing it!
Answer from jbo
Hi Russell, they are actually made of NOWYOUSEEUM.
Answer from jbo
And one from the back.
Answer from Tjaard B
Since velcro powerstraps eat my pants, I got the TLT8 Powerstraps to replace the stock ones, work great!
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Model: Quantum Free 110

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