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Are you the kind of person that doesn't like to stop and take the time to put on an extra layer, even if a freezing wind is howling on the ridgeline? Enter the DNA Race Wind Breaker from Dynafit! With this nifty jacket, you won't have to go digging around your pack for that special layer, let alone take off your pack to put it on. With a clever stow solution around your waist and an ultralight construction, you might forget you're even carrying the Dynafit DNA Race Windbreaker, but if the wind starts ripping, you’ll quickly remember and be glad you have it!

  • Open back design for constant backpack accessibility.
  • Stows in a self-contained "fanny pack" pouch while not in use.
  • Reflective print for added visibility.
  • DWR finish for added weather resistance.
convert to ounces
125g [M]
Ventilation Micro perferation
Hood Yes, tight fitting
Pockets Stow pocket
Waist Elastic
Cuffs Elastic
Specs Verified Yes
Fit Athletic
Materials   100% Nylon
Insulation N/A
Seams Overlock stitch
Lining None
Coating DWR
Skimo Co Says
Usage Layering piece for those who don't want to stop
Notes Wind jacket for skimo races featuring a unique back construction that fits the backpack
Bottom Line Unnoticeable when you don't need it, game changer when you do
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Questions & Reviews

Aaron O (used product a few times)
Used this jacket training for the Grand Traverse and during the race. It's kind of a no brainer in terms of being super light and with enough space to layer under. It is fairly water resistant so outside of full rain you can feel pretty confident that you will stay reasonably dry. It's part of the DNA line so of course it vents well. The back zipper is clever and doesn't really rub when zipped under a pack but note, especially for those doing GT or other events that require a larger pack - the hole really will not fit over a full size pack (e.g., 30L) - it will only really work with a skimo race style pack - not really a problem for an event like GT unless you are on the sharp end but if every second counts, finding the old CAMP version may be a better choice.
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Question from Christopher
How does this compare to the similar jacket from CAMP? Is the CAMP one more water resistant with less airflow through the fabric Vs this one with the "perforations" ?
Answer from Brett S
Hey Chris, both this and the CAMP accomplish the same task with some distinct feature sets. The back zipper of the DNA Race Wind Jacket allows it to be used with a ski pack or in the role of a traditional jacket (because the back will fully zip closed). The downside is that it takes a bit longer to get on. The CAMP Flash Competition Anorak lacks a back zip, so its back is always open. This means it really can't be used without a pack, however, it is much quicker to get on. For weather repellency, the DNA Race Wind Jacket has the upper hand. Its perforations are in the armpit area and shouldn't let too much in. Overall, if you want a more versatile jacket and don't mind taking a little more time to get it on, go with the DNA Race Wind Jacket. If you want a ski-specific jacket that is quick and easy to get on, go with the CAMP.
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Question from chance c
In the jacket color / size drop down list, the color is listed as "Blackout / Neon Yellow" but the image appears to be a black jacket with white graphics. Is there any neon yellow on the jacket?
Answer from Jeremy L
Hi Chance. It would appear the only yellow on the jacket is the DNA badge on the lower front and the pull-cord for the zipper.
Answer from chance c
Hey Jeremy, thank you for the quick response and clarification on the color. Your answer helped with my decision to purchase the jacket.
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Model: DNA Race Wind Jacket

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