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Dynafit Universal Bottle Holder


The Dynafit Universal Bottle Holder is self-explanatory. Let us explain. You attach the holder to the shoulder strap on a backpack and then put a water bottle in it. The Universal size fits most hard-bottles with the glaring exception of Nalgene (too fat). The holder is lined with a thermal-reflective material to help insulate the content from the outside. A bungee cord hold the bottle in place while you're getting rad. Guaranteed to work with any Dynafit Speed pack, but also can fit others. 65 grams (2.3 ounces).

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Benski (used product regularly)
Sometimes you can feel the wind catch this bottle holder when descending quickly, but other than some aero improvements, this bottle holder doesn't need much. Has kept bottles warm in -5 or so, and the elastic keeps bottles in rather than on the slopes. If you want a brighter color, consider buying an RC20 pack in the color of you choice and swapping (I got an orange from a PDG).
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Jonathan S (downright abused product)
I have an older version, but as you can see in the attached picture (while taking a break from some intense touring in my Millet Touring Intense pant), essentially the same design, even with the same piping.
To attach it to other packs, might take some ingenuity and zip/cable ties, but well worth it, given the convenience in the field of both drinking and refilling your bottle.
On this particular tour, all the usual running water sources on Mount Adams were buried in the deep snowpack during the entirely of our 9,500'-vertical tour, despite the mid-July date.
Fortunately I could instantly just grab a snowball's worth of slushy snow and toss it into my water bottle, therefore extending my original water supply.
The elastic retention cord keeps the water bottle stable: doesn't bother me at all skiing with a bottle there, and I've never lost a bottle either.
(And in case you're wondering what I'm doing in the picture while wearing my embarrassing Petzl Sirocco helmet, I'm explaining to another Petzl Sirocco wearer that a new less-embarrassing is coming out for the following season -- yes, really, I was doing that!)
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