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Fritschi Ski Bindings

Fristchi is the name a Swiss binding company that make Diamir bindings. Diamir is the name of the west face of Nanga Parbat. Nanga Parbat is the name of an 8000m peak in the Himalaya. Himalaya is the name of a mountain range in Asia. Asia is the name of a continent on Earth. Earth is what you make of it.

Fritschi Xenic Binding
The Swiss binding makers at Fritschi have been trend-buckers in an industry that typically prioritizes lightweight construction over all else. Providing competitively weighted bindings while emphasizing release safety, durability, and ease-of-use is the n..
Fritschi Tecton 12 Binding
Building on the extensive engineering of the Vipec, the recipient of a Gold ISPO Award, Fritschi hath revealed the Tecton. It is instantly the standard in the category of “alpine-like” tech bindings. It is the only tech binding to pair lateral-release in ..
$649.95 From $574.95
Fritschi Xenic Ski Crampons
Don't let some steep or icy snow spell the end of your day-- with the Fritschi Xenic ski crampons, you'll have enough traction to cruise up even the steepest slopes with ease. Using a Dynafit-style attachment system, the Xenic ski crampons fit a wide rang..
From $79.95
Fritschi Vipec Ski Crampons
The Fritschi ski crampons offer quick and easy attachment for added bite on icy, technical skin tracks. The use of a rotating adapter will allow you to adjust how deep the crampon bites from all 3 riser settings. Machined teeth ensure great bite in icy-bu..
From $99.95
Fritschi Brakes
Replacement brakes might be necessary if you move your bindings to a ski with a different width. You also might misplace your Vipec brakes since they are easily removable, a handy feature. See below for some various brake options. Vipec/Tecton Brakes –..
From $64.95
Fritschi Binding Parts
This is our home for Fritschi binding parts. We’re currently stocking the Vipec and Tecton bindings which have a unique lateral-toe release system. Replacement brakes have their own listing. Vipec Brake Plate Kit – Retainer plate and screws that hold t..
From $79.95

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