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This is our home for Fritschi binding parts. We’re currently stocking the Vipec and Tecton bindings which have a unique lateral-toe release system. Replacement brakes have their own listing.

Vipec Brake Plate Kit – Retainer plate and screws that hold the brake in place or support your boot without brakes installed.

Vipec Heel Track x1 Adjustable heel track mounts directly to the ski and has a 25mm range, allowing different boot sole lengths without remounting.

Questions & Reviews

Question from Emily L Lines
Hi there -- thanks for your reply above. I wonder if we are talking about the same thing - I know that I need to buy a new brake size (I am going from 110 underfoot on a 120 brake to 95 underfoot with a 95 brake). But my question is actually if I need to buy a new set of hardware every time I change the brake size, or can the same hardware that came with the bindings originally on the 120mm brake size also be used on the 95mm brake size? Thanks for your time!
Answer from TSB
Hi Emily, apologies, you're right that I misunderstood your question! You should be able to swap the Vipec brake without buying new hardware, though you will have to remove the heel piece in its entirety to make the swap. Feel free to reach out to if you're having issues swapping brakes.
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Question from Emily`
Hi there --

I have these Fritschi Vipecs on my current skis with a 120mm brake - I am switching to something smaller underfoot and need to down size the brake. I see that you are sold out of the brake plate kits currently. Can I use the hardware from my current set up, or do you need a new kit for every time the brakes are changed?

Answer from TSB
Hey Emily, it depends on the size of your ski. If you're dealing with more than ~10mm extra brake width on either side of the ski, say if you were sizing down to a 100mm-waisted ski, you might have some problems with "booting out" or as the case may be, "braking out" on steeper or firmer snow. If there's less than 10mm extra on each side of the ski, you have a good chance of making it work, possibly with the aid of some pliers to tweak the fit a tad.
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Question from James
Do you have the 60 mm guiding plate for vipec/tecton? I think maybe this is the standard plate for tecton, but my vipecs came with 30.
Answer from eric
James- We do not have the demo (longer) base track for the Vipec/Tecton.
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Question from Bill
Do you have Vipec toe piece mounting screws?
Answer from Nate
Hi Bill, at this time we do not have a compatible replacement screw for the toe of the Vipec.
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