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Fritschi Brakes

Brand: Fritschi
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Replacement brakes might be necessary if you move your bindings to a ski with a different width. You also might misplace your Vipec brakes since they are easily removable, a handy feature. See below for some various brake options.

Vipec/Tecton Brakes – Also known as Diamir Tech Brakes, these are replacement brakes for the Fritschi Vipec, Vipec EVO, and Tecton bindings. They are available in several widths, starting with 80mm for skinny skis and ending with 120mm for fatties. They are attached with brake plate kits that ship with the bindings or with replacements kits found here. Attachment plate kits are not included, despite the photo showing them.

Question from Doug
Are the Vipec and Tecton brakes interchangeable? For a ski with 104 mm waist- which size is correct?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Doug! Yup, they're the same attachment! I'd go with 110mm brake!
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Question from Paul L
What size brake would you recommend for a Fischer Hannibal with a 94 waist? I have read the 95 is a very tight 95? Thanks
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Paul. We just measured the inside of the 95 brake shoulder width (the narrowest point) at 97mm, so if you don't have a sloping sidewall then there's a small chance you'll have to bend it out, but it should clear just fine.
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Question from Fedor Farberov

I’m looking for FRITSCHI VIPEC BRAKES size 100 mm for black VIPEC bindings (model 2015-16).

However brakes on the picture on this page are not for Vipec bindings. These brakes are for different FRITSCHI bindings: Eagle and Freeride. Also specification of the brakes sizes is different compare to what Diamir has on their website. They say that brakes for Vipec bindings have the following sizes: 80 / 90 / 100 / 115 mm. But sizes on your site are 95 and 108 mm. Please clarify what kind of Fritschi brakes do you have?

Thank you,
Answer from jbo
Hi Fedor, thanks for pointing out the issue with our photo. It should now correctly show the Vipec brakes. Black Diamond, who distributes Fritschi in North America, lists the maximum ski size the brakes will fit which is larger than the spec sizes that Fritschi uses. The 100 is the same as the 108.
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