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It’s not uncommon for gear manufacturers to name a signature product after the iconic ski route between Chamonix and Zermatt. It’s a little more meaningful, however, when the company is based near one of the termini. The Haute Route crampons are designed to last the whole journey while not weighing you down.

Grivel uses carbon steel to make the toe piece, giving the points good durability on rock. The rear points are aluminum, designed to keep things light while still giving good purchase in hard snow. The ends are connected with a solid linking bar and attached to your ski boot with a simple wire bail and secure webbing. The Haute Route Ski-matic is an optimal compromise of speed and robustness.

  • Easily fits most ski boots, including the Sportivas with rockered soles.
  • Front and rear anti-balling plates prevent dangerous snow buildup.
  • Six-point front piece made with reliable steel to weather your abuse.
  • Four-point aluminum heel piece is attached with an adjustable lever bail.
  • Adjustable linking bar fits women’s size 5.5 feet up to men’s size 12.
  • CE, UIAA, and Skimo Co certified.
convert to ounces
Weight (pair) 682g
Points 10
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Carbon steel, aluminum alloy
Skimo Co Says
Usage Abusive tours
Notes Fits Sportiva boots
Bottom Line Light, robust, easy-fitting
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Chanh N
I have a pair of Atomic Backlands sized 24/24.5 and I am having issues adjusting the crampons to fit it. It looks like it came attached with a Grivel Valter Long Bar which may be preventing me to make the crampons shorter.

Any tips on adjusting the Haute Routes to fit my boot?
If it requires a shorter Valter bar, any tips on removing the long one?
Answer from Chanh N
Meant to add this photo. I'm about 2-3 notches from making it fit but the bar hits the heel.
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Question from Anders
So, would these fit Tecnica Zero G Guide 29.5 Mondo? The BSL is 335. Thanks!
Answer from Cole P
Anders, the Haute Route crampon will fit your Tecnica Zero G Guides just fine.
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Question from Mario Cacciola
Will these fit my Scarpa Maestrale RS's? And is 341g the weight of one crampon or both?
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Mario, 341g is the weight of a single crampon, and it should fit your Maestrale RS just fine!
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Question from Patrick
Do you recommend these crampons for La Sportiva Trango Tower Extreme GTX mountaineering boots?
Answer from Jeff
Patrick, This would be an excellent choice. Your boot accepts this Automatic style. The steel front, aluminum heel and lightweight is very complimentary to the Trango boots.
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Question from Carl
Will these fit a 332mm BSL?
Answer from eric
Carl-The stock linking bars will accept a 332mm BSL.
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Question from Andrew Blease
How do these fit on the current Scarpa F1? I can't get a good fit with my other crampons and need something that will fit.
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Andrew. I just tried it on the new F1 and once you adjust it properly it'll cam on just fine. The walk lever is the only thing that could interfere but if you're in walk mode with the lever up then it'll attach just fine. The heel on the F1 seems pretty narrow and wasn't touching perfectly on both sides but I'm not hesitant about using it.
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peter K (used product regularly)
These are pretty sweet crampons. I've front pointed glacial ice with no issues. Haven't had one pop off, though I do also have the older, all aluminum race version of these with the ratchet strap and I've had those pop off. The front points are short, but when paired with a boot with a low profile toe welt (ie TLT6), they seem to work good on anything I'd plan on skiing back down.
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Question from Chris
Will these fit La Sportiva Spectre size 28.0 out of the box or would I need to purchase a longer bar?
Answer from jbo
Hi Chris, the included bar will easily accommodate the 314 BSL.
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Model: Haute Route Ski-matic UPC: 8032618879190

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