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Julbo Aerospeed Sunglasses

Brand: Julbo
Model: Aerospeed
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Whether you're skiing, running, or biking, the Julbo Aerospeed sunglasses meet the highest standard for full-coverage, performance sunwear. Regardless of if you have a wide face or just like your sunglasses extra wide, the giant photochromic Julbo REACTIV lenses provide full-wrap coverage while being aerodynamic and efficient. Light and fast enough for even the pickiest of gram-counters, the Aerospeed glasses are available in an array of lens options to fit whatever sun protection you need. New for the 2019/20 season, the REACTIV lenses can adapt to a wide range of light conditions, and use high end materials and manufacturing processes in order to guarantee durability for a lifetime of pow turns. Full venting is guaranteed with the Air Link temple system, suspending the lenses a perfect distance from your face to ensure ventilation as well as wind protection. Durable, efficient, and good looking-- the Julbo Aerospeed sunglasses have it all.

  • Grip Tech keeps the glasses attached to your face when you start moving quickly, holding the glasses in place even when other glasses would be sliding down your nose.
  • The Air Link temple system suspends the lenses the perfect distance from your eyes and face, keeping you vented and fog-free while still blocking the wind.
  • REACTIV PERFORMANCE (cat. 0-3) lenses adapt to light conditions ranging from nearly dark to almost direct sunlight.
  • Zebra Light sunglass lenses (cat. 1-3) adapt to a wide range of light conditions.
  • Full wrap lenses offer a panoramic view so those pesky, low-hanging tree branches don’t catch you unawares.
  • The internal anti-fog coating and the external oil repellent coating work together to keep your lenses clear.

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