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Lightning McQueen is perhaps the greatest and most heroic racecar that has ever graced the big screen, and if you, like Lightning McQueen, utter the phrase “I am speed” before a big race or large objective, the race skins from Kohla won’t let you down. Starting with extremely efficient 100% mohair material, Kohla further supercharged its performance by way of an in-house waxing finish that squeezes out every last bit of speed that the skin can produce. The Fiber Seal technology provides a waterproof backing that keeps water absorption to an absolute minimum, ensuring your podium aspirations or KOM attempt remain unencumbered. The Smart Glue lives up to its name, cleverly providing reliable adhesion while being extremely easy to rip off your skis. Kohla manufactures the skin with high-precision laser cutting, ensuring your edges don't fray and remain looking smart. From podium hunting to KOM attempts, the Race Skins from Kohla will be with you every stride of the way.

  • Waterproof Fiber Seal skin construction fights off water absorption.
  • Smart Glue is fantastically easy to peel apart and off your skis.
  • High Precision Laser Cut finish provides crisp lines.
  • Kohla uses only the finest mohair for maximum glide.
  • Additional wax treatment makes the skins FAST.
  • Superlight “Race Loop” attachment is customizable in length.
  • Designed in conjunction with World Cup athletes.
  • Made in Austria with a solvent-free process.
  • Available in two widths: 59mm or 62mm.
Length 150cm
Width 59mm, 62mm
Materials   Mohair
Skimo Co Says
Usage Racing
Bottom Line Fast gliding, easy ripping glue

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Questions & Reviews

Aaron O (used product a few times)
Initial impressions are that these skins pack a lot of value for the price. They don’t feel as supple as Pomoca or Contour but really pretty close to the same. Glue held up well in cold conditions for multiple hours on their first outing. Overall seems like a solid skin on first impression. The tip loop did manage to break a few laps from the end on their first day out - kind of a bummer for a new skin but easily repaired.
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Question from Aaron O
What’s the general consensus on these versus say Contour or Pomoca race skins? The price point seems really good but I have not really heard much about them - do they work better in warm snow, cold snow, icy? Extra durable? Super light? What are they like?
Answer from Ian C
Hey Aaron, we really like these skins! The glue is just sticky enough to stay on, and rip nicely with a good mix of grip and glide. I don't have data on this but I would wager they stick a bit better in warmer temps.
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Question from Elizabeth Flory
Do you need to have a notch in your skis for these to work? I have Rossignol cross country skis OT165 and want to find some skins to fit them.
Answer from Jeff
Elizabeth, Yes, you need a tip notch. You can actually cut one in without affecting the integrity of the ski. Or you can use this skin Contour Guide. They are 210cm long, you adjust to the length of your ski and attach tip clip.
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Model: Race Skin

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