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These aluminum cartridges store the life-blood of the Mammut Airbag system: simple compressed air. The cartridges can be purchased with or without a charge, noting there are transport restrictions on a charged unit (no air travel). Either one can be refilled using a compressed air source such as a SCUBA or paintball tank. To recharge a unit, you’ll need a tank, adapter, and a refill kit that consists of a disposable gasket and cover plate. The cartridges are designed to hold 3000 PSI and weigh 625g empty or 700g with a charge.

  • Integrated pressure gauge helps control the fill.
  • Comes with 3 refill kits, with more available.
  • Filled cartridge may not be air-shipped.

* Please note these cartridges are compatible with 2.0 and 3.0 Mammut/Snowpulse systems, but not the original 1.0 version.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Ignacio Mattioli
Hello! Do you ship to Argentina? The cannister comes with refill kit? How many? Or i have to buy it extra? Thanks
Answer from Teddy Young
Hello Ignacio, we do ship to Argentina! The canister comes with 3 refill kits, and you can buy more using the link in the description if you'd like extra in addition to the 3 included!
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Question from sam henderson
Hi do you currently only have filled canisters in stock? I would need to ship to New Zealand so I assume it needs to be empty?
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Sam, thanks for reaching out! You are correct that the canister must be empty to ship to NZ, and I have just added an empty canister to our inventory for you. Feel free to put in that order whenever you're ready!
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Question from Al Banfe
I bought one from you last year. My question: How often does the rubber gasket need replacing? Do you sell these? THANKS!
Answer from Jeff
Al, You do not need to change often, only if damaged. We sell Refill kit that include 1 washer.
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Question from JWDX
Are you able to ship this Mammut cartridge "full"? Will it require additional shipping charge?
Answer from Jeff
JW, we are able to ship only via Ground methods. No extra charge.
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Question from Freeheelpete
Are you able to ship an unfilled canister to New Zealand?
Answer from Jeff
Pete, Yes we can ship these unfilled cartridges anywhere, you will just need to get it charged there.
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Question from Chris
Are these the cylinders that are compatible with the Dakine RAS 3.0 system?
Answer from Jeff
Chris, yes it is. Compatible with Removable Airbag System (R.A.S.) and Protection Airbag System as well as with Snowpulse avalanche airbags from winter season 2011-2012.
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Question from Tom
If I pick this up from your retail store does the cylinder come full or empty?
Answer from eric
Tom- Currently we only have the empty canisters in stock. But we certainly can fill that for you in store.
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Benski (used product a few times)
The mammut canister feels solid in hand and so far has held its charge well. New versions with the protective cover seem have some visual confidence built-in, and canisters are just low enough pressure to be filled by many shops (including Paintball shops in far flung parts of the world). 3000 PSI seems to be the new standard (ala new BCA floats), and now just wishing Mammut could get the carbon versions into the states.
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Model: Refillable Cartridge 270 Bar Alu

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