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We’ve all been there. A late springtime storm teasingly blankets the mountain tops with soft inviting snow, tempting you to come and ski it. Unfortunately for you, the forecast isn’t looking to cooperate, signifying the start of the race to harvest that oh-so-sweet powder before it succumbs to the sun’s relentless rays. It is for this type of race that the Movement Alp Tracks 106 was purpose-built. Its exceptionally light demeanor will feel like feathers on your feet, making that long skin track fly by. Once you arrive at your hard-earned destination, the top-secret layup of carbon, tip and tail rocker, and modern sidecut will make the ski feel anything but light, allowing you to carve or slash until your heart is content. When the snow is just too good not to get another lap, reach for the light yet capable Movement Alp Tracks 106.

  • Race Edges keep off the unnecessary fat.
  • Ultralight Woodcore is made in-house by Movement, allowing for them to control quality.
  • Double Plate Reinforcement helps with binding retention.
  • Speed Base keeps things running fast.
  • Ultra-light carbon layup adds an impressive level of stiffness with minimal weight.
Lengths (cm) 170, 178, 186
convert to ounces
1430g [186]
Weight (pair) 2860g [186]
Dimensions   131-106-119 [170]
132-106-120 [178]
134-106-122 [186]
Turn Radius   20.5m [170]
21.5m [178]
22.5m [186]
Skin Fix   Basic tip loops, flat tail
Specs Verified No
Profile   Rocker at the tip, camber underfoot, slight rockered tail
Shape   Rounded tips and tails
Construction   Ultralight Carbon
Core   Ultralight Paulownia
Skimo Co Says
Usage Doing lots of vertical on a powder day
Notes Significantly different than previous AT 106
Bottom Line A freeride oriented powder ski
Compare to other High-fat Skis

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Questions & Reviews

Question from justin wilcox
What's the weight of the 178s? thanks
Answer from Emmett I
Hi Justin,
Although weight can vary from ski to ski due to the natural variation in the wood core, the pair we have in the shop, still wrapped in plastic, weighed in at 2582 grams per pair, or 1291 grams per ski. We should have verified specs for all lengths soon, but in the meantime I hope that helps!
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Question from Chris Cawley
On the page for last years AT106, it says this years ski is “surfier” or something.

What are the changes for this years ski? Are the “race edges” new? I thought the previous skis had something other than race edges. And did the rocker/taper profiles or sidecut change?
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Chris,

Thanks for reaching out! Movement went with a full overhaul on the Alp Tracks 106 for the 22/23 season. The Race Edge is new to the Alp Tracks 106 this season, as the 21/22 model had the Tour Edge. However, we are going to reach out to Movement to verify that fact. Movement has utilized the Race Edge on their Alp Tracks skis that are 95mm and narrower for quite some time.

Other than an edge change, the overall shape of the ski has been changed. The new Alp Tracks 106 has been given a more freeride oriented shape, with a longer turn radius, and greater rocker in the tip and tail. This translates to a ski that is easier to smear in a turn, and more playful. In other words, slightly less ready to rail an arc, but more manageable.
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Chris,

Movement has verified that they have indeed switched to the Race Edge on the new Alp Tracks 106.
Answer from Chris C
Thanks Tristan. I think the edge change is unfortunate but the profile update sounds intersting. I like the shape of the old ski a lot but if it is more of a radius-turner than a butter knife.
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Model: Alp Tracks 106 Ski

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