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The new Petzl Bindi puts the power of 200 lumens in the palm of your hands. Actually make that around your head, since it’s a headlamp. Or neck, because it’s also a necklace? That’s right, you can wear the Bindi around your neck and still have it point out and illuminate your general direction. With an ultralight, 35-gram weight, the Bindi is the perfect backup or emergency headlamp. But with the lighting power and 50-hour battery life, it can also be your main source on dawn patrols. Throw it in your pack and never take it out. Except of course when you need it. No more excuses for being benighted and unprepared.

  • Rechargeable via USB port.
  • Waterproof to 1 meter for 30 minutes.
  • Locked position prevents accidental turn-on.
  • Can be worn around your head or neck.
  • 50 hours of burn time on low setting (5 lumens).
  • 2 hours of burn time on high (200 lumens).
  • 400 meter visibility (red strobe).
Charging Time 4 Hours
Lumens 200 [White: Max Power]
100 [White: Standard]
5 [White: Max Autonomy]
1 [Red: Proximity]
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Battery Life 2 Hours [White: Max Power]
3 Hours [White: Standard]
50 Hours [White: Max Autonomy]
33 Hours [Red: Proximity]
200 Hours [Red: Strobe]
Waterproof Rating IP X7
Specs Verified Yes
Skimo Co Says
Usage Dawn patrolling, approaches, backup, racing, etc
Notes Adjustable via drawstring, also has red mode.
Bottom Line Impressively high lumens-per-gram ratio
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Questions & Reviews

Pete (used product regularly)
Battery life on high is worrying, doesn't last long enough to start and end in the dark (2 hours). A great emergency headlamp to leave in the pack and never take out. I packs a bright enough 200lumens to ski out with, definitely more of a real headlamp than the old petzl e-lites. Another plus is that it is light enough to run with, doesn't bounce off you head.

The light "locks" so that it can't be turned on in the pack by rotating so that the button is under the plastic casing. This feature works well, not as aggravating as other button click sequence lockouts.

I'm a huge fan of the the rechargeable system, never wondering if the batteries are half dead, and less in the landfill.
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Jonathan S (used product a few times)
For many years now, my emergency headlamp model has been getting both lighter in weight and brighter in lumens.
I suspect the Bindi will end this trend, since at barely over an ounce it's nearly weighless, and since at 200 lumens an emergency light source doesn't need to be any brighter.
Extra bonus points for a locked mode that is enabled simply by holding down the main switch for four seconds, and then the Bindi won't actually come on accidentally (unless the switch is held down for another four seconds) while forgotten in the deep recesses of your pack until you remove it months later to find the battery drained (a fear I have of all such neatly stowed-away emergency gear).
And for any application, the bungee cord attachment system is both stable and comfortable, while the swivel angle adjustment is helpful. Plus the included USB cord can make your household collection of those become even more impressive.
However, I'd restrict its useage only to emergency purposes. For a dawn patrol, the 200 lumens lasts only two hours, and then the recharge time is four hours. And the 36m spec range is relatively short. Also, the very small switch would be tricky to operate with cold numb fingers inside bulky handwear, and the sequencing can be a bit confusing between the three-level white lighting vs red lighting vs red strobe vs off.
But those are all quibbles for an application as a primary expected lightsource. By contrast, as a just-in-case item to bring on long tours that might get even longer in a bad way, this is a must-have headlamp.
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