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Petzl CORE Headlamp Battery


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Petzl saw all the kids (and woke old folks) walking around with their reusable shopping bags, straws, and coffee cups, and they decided to join the party. With the Petzl CORE headlamp battery, simply plug your batteries into a charger the night before a big adventure and voilĂ , start the next day knowing that your headlamp won't quit before you make it back to the car. No longer will avid pre-dawn or post-sunset skiers have to buy 75-packs of AAA batteries from Costco at the start of each season. No longer do you have to frantically dig in 8 feet of snow after dropping all three of your spare batteries because your headlamp went dark 45 minutes after sunset. No longer do you have to try and remember if the batteries in the left cup holder or the right cup holder were the ones with a partial charge left. Today is the day that your headlamp batteries go green, with the Petzl CORE rechargeable headlamp batteries.

  • Recharges via an integrated USB port, charger included with battery purchase.
  • This is a 1250 mAh Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery.
  • Maintains its charge even at low temperatures.

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Questions & Reviews

Centerfold (used product regularly)
I switched to Petzl headlamps after using BDs for years. AND I LOVE THESE NEW RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES. I can start every mission fully charged. For me, I like the comfort of bright lights. To me, that is your bubble when heading up in the mountains for the early morning DPs. Bigger the bubble the better I feel. Can't recommend these enough.
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Alex (downright abused product)
Great batteries. Charge fast and I have had no issues with cold. I've been using these regularly for the last 3 seasons and have zero complaints.
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