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5' 8"


155 lbs

Shoe Size

US 8.75

Skier Type

Type II - Moderate

Ski Frequency:

25 - 50 days / year

My Skiing

Have been skiing full seasons & touring for 3 years, avg of 20-40 touring days a winter. Avy2 Rec, Wilderness First Responder through NOLS for 7 years, leading trad 5.7 in Little Cottonwood / North Cascades & AI3 on glacial ice

Comfortable in Dawson's D7-8 range, D9 if conditions are favorable. Enjoyed lines so far are Silver Couloir on Buffalo Peak (CO) & Haiyaha Couloir in the Emerald Lake Drainage of RMNP. I prefer higher speeds in open terrain over tight trees, and snow with a base over bottomless pow. Corn > bottomless, 4in on a base > bottomless.

Skiing Goals include: Fuhrer Finger on Rainier, the Coleman-Deming on Baker, summit ski of Longs Peak via Keplinger's, the Skillet on Mount Moran, a variety of self-supported 2-4 day traverses in Colorado, putting together a Yellowstone backcountry basecamp week, and learning to enjoy that blind-ish, tight tree skiing on zero base that is our reality in CO for 70% of the winter

My Gear

Spring / Hard Snow: Black Crows Camox Freebird (172 cm, 2022 version), BD Helio 350, Scarpa F1 LT in 25.0 - this is currently my favorite setup, I'll even bring it out inbounds every once in awhile

Boots for all other skis are: Scarpa Maestrale RS 2.0 (white / green version) in 25.5 w/ thicker liner to size down slightly

Daily Drivers: Atomic Backland 107 (175cm), Fritschi Tecton

Powder: Weston Black Belt (rebranded as Grizzly, 176cm), Dynafit Rotation

Inbounds: QST 99 (174cm), Shift Binding

Recent Posts

Any measurements on the Hagan Core Evo & BD Helio 350?
What is the ramp angle of this binding? I've checked your lists and no luck unfortunately Trying to decide between it and the original Core Pro, as well as which toe shim to grab - the ATK branded one or one of the 6mm B&D ones
I have a pair of BD Helio 350 bindings - now discontinued as Black Diamond carrys them with the original ATK Raider branding These Helio 350s certainly seem to have the exact same heel as the Raiders, will the Raider Freeride spacers work with them? Would love to be able to test using them back and forth without drilling!
Looking for a way to reduce the forward lean on a pair of Maestrale RS 2.0 (white/green) further than the current 14 degree minimum - seems it would fit my leg + skiing style a little cleaner & would align closer to the lean on the F1 LT, which I get along really well with Is it possible to swap a shorter walk lever in from another boot (ex F1?) to accomplish this? If I can access the lengths of each lever, I’m happy to work out the math on my own!
Thanks @ jbo! Any recommendation on screws? Putting these into a pair of BD Route 95s. I'll either go with the 4.7 or 6.4 shim, leaning towards 6.4 since I'm also using a shorter boot (F1 LT) on this rig than normal (Maestrale)

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