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Marker Alpinist Long Travel Binding

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Solving one of the shortcomings of the Alpinist, the Alpinist Long Travel is the same binding with a longer heel track. Doubling the track length to 30mm, you can get three full boot sizes of adjustment out of the binding. The rest of the features are the same great Marker Alpinist, albeit without the latest "ISI" step-in tweaks on the toe. This version also cannot be used with brakes.

  • Gapless heel means the binding rides on a spring, popping you out of turns.
  • Lateral release range is adjustable from 4-10 or 6-12 with the turn of a screw.
  • Simple heel flap over the pins is the quickest way to transition.
  • Additional riser height can be deployed by rotating the heel 180 degrees.
  • Forward release is fixed based on a U-spring, which can be swapped.
  • Wider hole pattern than classic Dynafit helps with stability and power transfer.
  • Brakeless design saves you weight and transition time.
  • Ski crampons are available and slide in from the side.

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Weight (pair) 562g
Boot Compatibility   Tech
Brakes (mm)   Optional leashes
BSL Adjustment   30mm
Riser Heights   2 + flat
Vertical Release   Fixed
Lateral Release   4-10 [10]
6-12 [12]
Crampon Ready   Included option
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Forged aluminium, carbon fiber-reinforced polyamide
Skimo Co Says
Usage Touring
Notes Gapless design adds some pop
Bottom Line All the nice Alpinist features with more BSL range
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Josh
What are the length/diameter of the screws for the toe of this binding? I'm interested in shimming the toe slightly and am trying to figure how what screws to order to accommodate a small shim.
Answer from Jeff
Hi Josh! The screws are 15mm long. It is important to note that the delta is +2mm which is already quite flat. Any of the stocked shims for this toe piece would position the toe higher than the heel. If you are able to source a 2mm shim, a 18mm pozi screw ground down to 17mm would work! If you have something different in mind, send us an email at Thanks!
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Question from Josh
Does the long travel version have the same delta as the regular version? I assume that their additional weight of the longer travel version is tiny.
Answer from Jeff
Josh, Yes, everything is the same, just a longer adjustment track. Note, these are the first Gen Alpinist, without the new toe design. So they are actually a tad bit lighter then the current version.
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Comment from Nathan W
These are perfect, in theory, as I was looking for something low and flat and light, BUT there are two major issues that scared me away from mounting them:

1) BEWARE if you have Scarpa F1 boots - mine rub badly against the toepiece, preventing smooth rotation on the pins. Either the binding's pins are too low (part of the attraction in the first place), or the boot's sockets are too high. Size 26.5 here. Aggressive shaving of sole rubber in the toe may allow them to clear the binding, but I'm not brave enough to break out the power sander.

2) The toepiece springs jut down several mm past the frame, preventing it from sitting flat while in the locked position. Depending on the rigidity of the springs vs the frame plastic vs the topsheet plastic, this might mean a lot of torque on the screws while mounting, deformation of the toepiece frame, and (pure speculation here) maybe incomplete locking into the toe sockets. Again, this could be addressed with DIY shaving of the baseplate rubber gasket, a shim, and/or pure bravery... but I'm not going to test it.

Aside from that, I really want to love them. They feel on par or a notch above my G3 Zeds in build quality.
Reply from Fisher
Quick Q - are you having issues with the F1 original or the F1LT/GT/XT format?

I have the LT & may be moving to the XT, have had a good experience on this binding with my Maestrales so it's in the running for future light(ish) builds!!
Reply from Nathan W
Base F1 model here. After shaving down the boot sole rubber (I used a leather skiving knife) they seemed to pivot well enough so I mounted the Alpinists. The LT/XT might have different proportions and even higher toe sockets though, so if you're willing to hack up the boots, just test-fit the toepiece and do all this work before actually mounting the bindings to be on the safe side.
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Gary Saxlehner (downright abused product)
For lean scaled down AT bindings without breaks, they are little heavier than most of the competition. But that is more than compensated by a more solid spring and a feel of flex. The downhill performance of these bindings is superior to any other stripped down tech binding, and it isn't even close. When you pull up the tab one position, you feel bomber. Say you are going on long trip for ski mountaineering in another country. The sturdiness brings confidence. Maybe balance the slightly heavier weight by using a super lightweight pair of skins. The breaks are a waste of time and weight.
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Model: Alpinist Long Travel

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