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The Attivo Goggles are simple glasses geared for uphill skiing and mountaineering. Choose from single or double lens configurations to keep the snow and wind off your eyeballs. The goggles come with both standard straps and shorties that plug into receptors found on the Attivo helmet. The receptors are a secure hold that lets you move the goggles between your face and the front of the helmet with confidence. Both lens options have side and front ventilation to help prevent steaming up inside. The Attivos are one of the few goggles that work well with skimo race helmets.

  • Included fixing straps attach to Attivo helmet holes.
  • Wide-angle lenses offer a large, clear field of vision.
  • Four layers of multi-density foam comfort your face.
  • Front and side ventilation lets out excess heat.
  • Single lens is clear and great for night racing.
  • Double lens option improves the fog prevention.
  • Also includes straps that work with other helmets.
  • Anti-scratch lenses have full UV protection.
Lens Color Weight (g) Weight (oz)
Single Clear 36 1.3
Double Rose 51 1.8

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Haoran L
when's it available? also, how about the black SKI TRAB ATTIVO HELMET?
Answer from Nate
Hi Haoran, both of the items you are asking about will be available around the end of September or early October.
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Smac (used product regularly)
The goggles work great with the Ski Trab Attivo helmet. They aren't the best goggles I've ever owned but the convenience of fastening them to the helmet without zipties / duct tape is nice. They ride perfectly on top of the Trab helmet and easily slide down when headed downhill. I purchased the single lens mainly for eye protection from the elements at night and they actually work well in daylight, I'd likely just use sunglasses if it were a bluebird day. The goggles for the most part seem to stay fog free but if I'm dripping sweat and the goggles get damp they're going to fog. I recently put some anti-fog solution on them which does seem to help. Attaching the goggles to the helmet was a practice in precise persistence, the plastic screws were a little difficult to get threaded just so through the helmet shell. I'd like to be able to attach and remove the goggles easily but since they were a bit of a chore to fasten in the first place I haven't removed them from the helmet so when not in use I just have the goggle sitting on top. I did tape the inside front vents on the Trab Attivo to help with potential fogging which seems a necessity.
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Question from Aaron O
Why would you want single lens goggles? Do they work better in some instances for skimo specifically?
Answer from jbo
Hi Aaron, just posted some additional specs. The single lens is a bit lighter and more flexible. It's also clear so great for racing at night or in low light.
Answer from Patrick
My experience with single lens goggles has been horrible. Should there be any condensation on the inside of the lens, the rushing air on the descent will quickly freeze that onto the inside of the goggle, spreading and opaquing the water. Awful.
Answer from jbo
Hey Patrick, what goggles did you try? Did they have any venting like the Trabs?
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