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The Ski Trab Race Adjustable Binding features the same toe piece as the TR Race but has a modified heel piece that slides forward and back with a socket wrench. The adjustable heel piece features the same simple flap/riser that is used to quickly switch between uphill touring and downhill skiing modes. However the binding adjusts to different boot sizes so you can use the existing mount when you buy new boots. This also increases the resale value of your setup since more feet can fit. This handy feature adds about 30 bucks and 41 grams (1.4 ounces) to the binding.

  • Toe pieces made with Ergal hardened steel have slotted (and recently strengthened) pivots to help clean boot holes during binding entry.
  • 95 gram (3.4 ounce) heel pieces also made with Ergal are adjustable forward and backward to accommodate a range of roughly 3 full boot sizes.
  • Easy to use flaps cover the heel pins when uphilling and flip up out of the way when you're ready to lock down and ski.
  • Switch between fully locked out and unlocked (ski) positions of the toe jaws with a surprisingly smooth toe lever.
  • Adjustment plates act as a heel platform to prevent negative ramp angle when skinning the flats (heels rotate 360°).
  • Comes with optional crampon receptor (4g) that accepts any standard tech binding crampon.

convert to ounces
Weight (pair) 354g
Boot Compatibility   Tech
Brakes (mm)   None
BSL Adjustment   28mm
Riser Heights   1 + flat
Vertical Release   Fixed
Lateral Release   Fixed or locked
Crampon Ready   Included Option
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Ergal hardened steel
Skimo Co Says
Usage Racing, training, touring
Notes Adjustable heel fits various boot sole lengths
Bottom Line Light, inexpensive, adjustable

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Questions & Reviews

Question from alvaro
I've read in a previous comment that heel pattern overlaps dynafit heel. Does that mean that if I have Dynafit Speed turn 2015 dynafit bindings I can just unscrew the heel and screw this one instead?
Answer from jbo
Hi Alvaro, unfortunately not. The heels have a 40x40mm pattern that isn't compatible with Dynafit touring bindings (more info here). To my knowledge, only the Kreuzspitze 14mm adjustment plates will let you substitute a Dynafit heel for a race heel without drilling.
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Question from keith
just dropped off a pair of TR-Race Binding Adjustable and Dynas to be mounted by my local shop. Shop didn't have a jig but seemed confident he could do it with the template. there were 2 small black plastic pieces that looked kind of like spacers but shop guy was baffled why 2? the only other things in the box besides the bindings were screws and crampon clip...what are the plastic thigs for?? they didn't look to be as thick as 2 nickels as mentioned above for spacing
Answer from jbo
Hi Keith, looks like we left those out of our photos. They are the striker plates for the toe lever, enabling the locking mechanism. Pretty important. There is a cutout under the toe they are molded to fit into.
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Lee (hasn't used product)
I bought these to replace the Plum Race 165 I had to go with a pair of Spring skis. Big pluses are light weight, long worm drive adjustment, inclusion of crampon clamp and toe with both lock out and ski mode. Not in the Plum Race 165 league for aesthetics.

Star off for heel mount pattern overlapping dynafit heel. Why are these not the standard heel pattern? I like the fact the binding is designed to work with the plate and the worm drive, but it is an underwhelming design.
Reply from Jake D
Why did you end up with these over the Plum 165?
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Question from Ben Abruzzo (used product a few times)
Do you know what the recommended tech gap is on the Trab race adjustable? They didn't come with a spacer nor do the instructions indicate what the gap should be. Thanks.
Answer from jbo
Hi Ben, the heel gap should be 4mm, which happens to be a hair over a pair of shiny nickels. Agreed that a spacer would be a useful 2 cent addition to $600 bindings. You can also use a now-defunct white Dynafit spacer that has a hemisphere knob on either side. Those are technically 5.5mm but one hemisphere hits the recess in the Trab bindings, leaving you with 4mm of unscientific spacing.
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Question from T Beck
I would love some feedback on this binding for mounting on a more traditional powder board (lightweight carbon but over 100mm in the waist). I use and love race bindings on my small skis but have yet to cross over to mounting up a powder board with these. It is my understanding that the toe piece might be the "weakest" link and matching a dynafit radical toe could be an interesting option.

Any guidance on using these on larger skis for powder days?
Answer from jbo
Hi Tyler, good questions. The race bindings do fine on lightweight boards of that width. If you find them sufficient in release value at your size and ski style on skinny skis, you should find them sufficient on those boards as well. Note that mixing and matching toes and heels across brands gets into "untested" territory, possibly outside of design specs for either piece. This is why the ISMF now prohibits such mixed bindings for sanctioned races. However you can mix within a brand, say using Radical toes and Low Tech Race heels. Give us a shout if you're looking to do something like that.
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