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Ski Trab Toe Pieces

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Italian toes are more likely to be held onto skis using these widgets. If you’ve got toe problems or just want your feet to look more Italian, get some new binding toe pieces here. This is our growing collection of Ski Trab binding toes.

Gara Titan – Ultralight toes from Ski Trab. They don't have coiled springs, instead you press down on the lever to open the wings and step in. Really simple and effective. Perfect for splitboarding as well. Striker plate, crampon clip, leash loop and 4 screws included. Everything you need to fly uphill. 66 grams with striker plate.

Questions & Reviews

Question from Nick
Do these use the same four hole mounting pattern as Dynafit Radical toes? I’m planning to mount them on the Kreuzspitze Tele Alp plate.

Answer from Julieana
Hi Nick,
Ski Trab toes do not have the same mounting pattern as Dynafit Radical toes. We have a comprehensive list of all of the different mounting patterns here. However, the Kreuzspitze Telemark Kit will mount with the Ski Trab toes just fine!
Answer from Nick D
Thanks Julieana, that’s good to know.
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Question from mbillie1
Has the toe screw pattern changed from ~2 versions ago? I need to replace a toe piece at some point...
Answer from Jeff
It is the same as always.
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Question from Chris S
Does the 61 grams include the striker plate, crampon clip, etc?
Answer from jbo
Hi Chris, we just updated the specs for 2018/19. These weigh 66 grams with the striker plates (no crampon, etc).
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Question from A-fro
hi is it sold in pairs or alone?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hi A-fro! They're sold individually.
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Question from Paul S
Are the crampon clips on the Gara Titan compatible with Dynafit crampon clips? I am a splitboarder, and would be using the Spark Dynafit-compatible crampons with this. (D-Rex)
Answer from jbo
Hi Paul, I can't speak specifically to the Spark crampons, but yes, the Trab receptor fits Dynafit-style slide-in crampons. The worst-case scenario is you'd need to bend it outward slightly if the bar is on the thick side.
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