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It is a common occurrence to see race bindings adorning skis from all categories. The reason for this is simple; race bindings are simple, durable, and tour extremely well. Seeing this, ATK has produced the Touring Ski Brake, which allows you to have the simplicity of a race binding and security of a ski brake on a ski that is wider than typical race dimensions. The internal brake mechanism is easy to use and resilient to snow buildup, providing for reliable operation in the field. The 25mm of BSL adjustment accommodates many different sizes of boots and is constructed with metal for exceptional durability. If you have wanted to use a race binding with brakes on wider skis, the Touring Ski Brake from ATK is for you.

  • 25mm of BSL will accommodate your quiver of boots.
  • Internal brake mechanism resists snow buildup, allowing you to use these on a powder day without worry.
  • Durable metal construction of the adjustment plate ensures these are built to last.
  • Compatible with Trofeo and other bindings that have a similar hole pattern.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Patrick N
Are these the brakes I'd want for the ATK Haute Route 10 bindings?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Patrick, yes these brakes would be compatible with the Haute Route 10. Note that the mounting pattern of this plate is different than the plate that comes with that binding, so you'll need to get some new holes drilled in your skis.
Answer from Patrick N
Is there a version that wouldn't require new drilling?
Answer from jbo
Hi Patrick, unfortunately not. The Haute Route is designed as a brakeless binding.
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Question from Brent V
I have a few pairs of these brakes in different sizes, and I mounted a pair of 97mm brakes on a pair of 78 waisted skis. It looked like it might work but obviously has quite a bit of overhang.

Now for my question. Can I remove the 3+ small screws on the brake and swap brake sizes without having to remount with one of the other brake/plate, say, in 86mm?
Answer from Emmett I

Yep, the brakes can be very easily removed without remounting.
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Question from Joeran
I have some old Race RT binding with no ski breaks. Is it possible in some way to fit this on the R01 plate? I assume the mounting pattern to the ski is not the same as the R01? Don't really want to make new holes in the skies.
Answer from Niko M
Hi Joeran, the brake from this product is not compatible with other plates like the R01. The mounting pattern is a bit different, you would need to drill 2 new front holes.
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Question from Michael Wheat
Are these brakes compatible with BD Helio 145 bindings?
Answer from jbo
Hi Michael, they sure are! Those are the same as ATK Trofeo bindings.
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Question from Che G
Is there a freeride spacer that works with this riser and brake?

Also, which width brake do you recommend for a 106 waist (Salomon QST)?
Answer from Andrew C
Che, with this brake design, none of the freeride spacers will be able to make contact with your boot.

I would recommend the 108mm brake.
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Question from Mason
Is this the same bolt pattern (plate to binding) as the RO1 plate?
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Mason,

Plate-to-binding, yes, this plate is made for race bindings just like the R01 plate. It will accommodate ATK race heels, and other heels that use the same 25mm wide heel pattern. You can find a complete table of binding hole patterns here.
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Model: Touring Ski Brake

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