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Equally at home rallying a Tuesday night skimo race as it is doing a 12,000-foot day of climbing in the backcountry, the Atomic Backland Ultimate boot is a versatile tool for those looking to cover ground with speed and efficiency. The stiffened lower encourages straight lining to the finish line while the frictionless pivot won’t hold you back when you’re redlining up that climb. Once at the top, the boot is tensioned and placed in ski mode by a single lever making for quick and easy transitions. The narrower-than-average fit works best for those who have a low-volume foot or who desire the control that can only be achieved by a fit akin to a bouldering shoe. In addition, the memory-fit plastic can be thermoformed, meaning that even the most bunioned feet can be accommodated. The Atomic Backland Ultimates are aptly named because they are the ultimate companion for skiers who epitomize the "light and fast" ethos.

  • Frictionless pivot keeps the cuff rotation moving smoothly.
  • Made with a magical mixture of Grilamid and Carbon Fiber for durability and lightness.
  • Prolite Construction eliminates any unnecessary heft.
  • Regular cuff lends itself to nice skiability.
  • Carbon spine helps keep things stiff without excess weight.
  • Free/Lock 3.0 is better than the Free/Lock 2.0.
convert to ounces
784g [26/26.5]
Weight (pair) 1568g [26/26.5]
Buckles   1 w/ Free/Lock 3.0
Boot Sole Length   248mm [23.5]
258mm [24.5]
268mm [25.5]
278mm [26.5]
288mm [27.5]
298mm [28.5]
308mm [29.5]
Binding Compatibility   Tech only
Cuff Rotation   80°
Forward Lean(s)   13°, 15°
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Grilamid shell, carbon fiber cuff
Liner   Platinum Speed
Sole   Skywalk full rubber
Skimo Co Says
Usage Racing, touring speedily
Notes Heat moldable shell
Bottom Line Versatile race boot
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Questions & Reviews

Barry B (used product a few times)
The bad: this is a really, really, ridiculously soft boot.

I weigh 135lbs and generally like what most people would call softer boots, though they don't feel soft to me. I ski the La Sportiva Solar b/c I can't flex the Skorpius at all. Also ski an Atomic Hawx Ultra 100 b/c I can't flex the 120 at all.

In the Backland Ultimate if I lean forward at all, the top of the cuff blows through about an inch of travel with basically zero resistance. It eventually does find a wall and prevent more forward motion but by then my knee is way in front of my toes.

The carbon backbone is plenty stiff but the plastic that makes up the front of the cuff and the instep area is very soft and deforms a ton to allow the backbone to just hinge forward.

The good: if you have a narrow, low volume foot I don't think there is a better fitting race boot. The closure and ski / walk mode system is easy to use and works well. The full liner does a good job of keeping feet dry even if you aren't wearing a race suit.
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Question from Dennis K
I’m curious if you have thoughts on pairing this boot with something like the 178 length Voile Objective, which is 84mm underfoot. Is that too much ski? I don’t currently own either, just dreaming up some future pairings. Thanks!
Answer from Julieana
Hey Dennis,
Of the race boots, the Atomic Backland Ultimate is one of the softer ones that also has a slightly shorter cuff. These features make it ideal for shorter and/or smaller folks, but slightly less ideal for pairing with a bigger ski. I'd personally think the Dynafit Mezzalama Boot or the Scarpa Alien 1.1 Boot might pair a little better with that Voile Objective.
Answer from Dennis K
Good to know! Appreciate the suggestions.
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Question from Andrew
This looks like the same boot as the 20/21 model. Will it fit bindings mounted for the previous model? I assume it would but just want to be sure?
Answer from Will M
Hey Andrew,

Thanks for reaching out! The updated model has the same BSL measurements as the old boot so it should work out well.
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Model: Backland Ultimate

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