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Atomic did not forget about the fairer sex when developing its new line of alpine touring boots. The Women's Backland is packed with most of the same technology as the carbon version, but with a softer flex and better colors. The boots ascend like a dream, with scant weight and a nearly frictionless pivot while in walk mode. A simple flip of the rear lock lever puts you in downhill mode, where the Grilamid shell and Platinum liner comfortably drive your skis. The Backlands are a complete boot from top to bottom.

  • Breathable Platinum liner (212g) can be laced for a glove-like fit, reducing blisters.
  • Gently rockered sole with Skywalk rubber make quick work of any rocky commutes.
  • Simple and reliable Free/Lock 2.0 lever helps smooth your transitions.
  • Comes with a Quick Click tongue (44g) that is soft enough to allow big strides.
  • If necessary, the Memory Fit baking process helps adapt the plastic to your foot.

Update 2016/17: The Backland W gets a new paint job, but otherwise remains the same.

Update 2017/18: The new Backland W gets another fresh coat of paint on both the shell and liner, but otherwise remains the same as prior years.

Update 2019/20: The boot was replaced by an upgraded women's backland.

convert to ounces
1049g [25/25.5]
Weight (pair) 2098g [25/25.5]
Buckles   2
Boot Sole Length   248 [22/22.5]
258 [23/23.5]
268 [24/24.5]
278 [25/25.5]
288 [26/26.5]
298 [27/27.5]
Binding Compatibility   Tech only
Cuff Rotation   74°
Forward Lean(s)   13°, 15°
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Grilamid shell & cuff
Liner   Platinum
Sole   Skywalk
Skimo Co Says
Usage Everyday ski mountaineering
Notes Shell can be molded with the liner
Bottom Line Well designed, all around
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Belle G.
My downhill boot is a 23/23.5 Hawx Ultra 85 w/ 92mm lasts

Can I comfortably tour and ski in a 22/22.5 Atomic Backland boot w/ 98mm lasts and 90 flex?
I can heat mold the shell so this would be a good option?
Is there a different AT boot model from Atomic I should wear?

Please answer! Thank you so much
Answer from Julieana
Hi Belle, if the 23.5 Hawx Ultra 85 fits you well then the 23.5 in the Atomic Backland Pro Women's Boot should also fit you just fine. That is the current model of this boot, the model on this page is a few years old and we no longer have any in stock. Unless the Hawx Ultras felt too long I would not recommend going down a size in the Backlands.
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Question from Miki
Is there a stiffer tongue that the women's boot is compatible with? I saw you can get a stiff tongue for Men's boots, but is there one for women's boots size 25 and under?
Answer from TSB
Hi Miki, yes and yes! We can festoon your white boots with orange tongues of supreme rigidity (as long as we can track down a pair). Shoot us an email at and we will see what we can find!
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Question from Miki
Hi! Since the stock tongues are so soft, is there a compatible stiffer tongue available from Atomic? For a W's size 25.
Answer from Jeff
Miki, we had that size but currently sold out. We can check to see if they are still available.
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Question from maude
How does the flex/stiffness on this boot compare to the Atomic Backland Carbon (which I've read is ~120)? Second question, is this boot compatible with most automatic crampons?
Answer from Jeff
Maude, Atomic (or anywhere else in my search) has a stated flex for the Backlands. Flex ratings are not based on any fixed scale and as a result are pretty subjective. In the case of the Backlands, there would be 2 flexes depending on which tongue is in the boot. The stiff tongue does stiffen the boot a lot and may be about a 110 flex. The woman's boot is softer and comes with the soft tongue, so maybe around a 90 or less flex. Also, for even easier time walking you can remove the tongue for a unrestricted full range of motion.
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Question from Carrie
Are these boots compatible with other than a pin binding?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Carrie! That's a negative, just pin bindings on these ones! The Scarpa Gea RS and Sportiva Sparkle have better binding compatibility (though still somewhat limited, in that they won't pop into standard alpine bindings) which would give you a bit more freedom with your binding choice!
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Model: Backland W

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