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The striding efficiency of tech bindings is a requirement for those who have tried them. But there is a class of skier that demands zero compromise on downhill ski performance or release safety. If that sounds like you, Atomic (together with Salomon) has finally solved your dilemma. The Shift MNC 13 is an alpine binding that has tech pins hidden in the toes so you can have the best of both worlds. If you’re a high-level free-skier or just want the most tibia-protection available, you will be thrilled by this innovative binding. The elasticity and proven release mechanism of alpine bindings are undeniably attractive, but solutions to getting uphill efficiently with those are few and far between. Now you can flip a lever in the toe and deploy some tech pins so you can skin with a natural stride and arrive with fresh legs. Those stronger legs can huck, slash, and otherwise throw the skis around on the descent, all with an alpine-style release. The Atomic Shift MNC is a great option for resort (it really is a full alpine binding), side-country, and even backcountry skiing if your priorities align. If you don’t like to hold back in nasty conditions, like to seek out big air, or are prone to nasty falls, the Shift binding should be at the top of your priority list.

  • Fully DIN-certified alpine binding removes the speed governor.
  • Efficiency of a tech binding on the uphill with stashed toe pins.
  • Multi-norm toe-piece broadens the range of boot capability.
  • ISO 9462 alpine and ISO 13992 alpine touring certifications.

Update 2020/21: Color has been updated and the name changed to Shift 13 to differentiate from the 10 version.

convert to ounces
906g [100mm]
Weight (pair) 1812g [100mm]
Boot Compatibility   Alpine Multi-Norm Compatible (MNC)
Brakes (mm)   90, 100, 110, 120
BSL Adjustment   30mm
Riser Heights   1 + flat
Vertical Release   6-13
Lateral Release   6-13
Crampon Ready   Yes
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Carbon-infused PA, combined with aluminum and steel
Skimo Co Says
Usage Backcountry, freeriding, or alpine skiing
Notes Converts to a tech toe for touring
Bottom Line A favored standard for freeride binding, zero compromise downhill performance
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Paul
Hello all,

I have just experienced an issue with the tow piece of my Shift MNC 13’s. The carbon fiber toe piece has sheered off leaving the pin and roller visible from above. Has anyone else experienced this problem. This is the second time it has happened to me. Does anyone know of warranty covering this issue?
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Paul,

I am sorry to hear that you have had issues with your Shift MNC 13 bindings. To get a better grasp on the extent of the damage, send a photo to, and I am happy to brainstorm solutions from there!
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John P (downright abused product)
I worked in this binding as a professional patroller far all of winter 20/21. Overall it does meet its stated goal of being able to tour pin binding style while providing robust alpine binding experience on the down.

Lighter than frame style bindings like the guardian or duke.

They work with boots that have tech inserts.

They provide a resort style downhill skiing experience for fast aggressive skiing.

Obviously they are very heavy when compared to any other binding skimo sells.

Only 1 heel riser height

They are very fiddly, both my afd plates slowly migrate down and need almost weekly adjusting.

I have broken them. The plate that rest under my heel cracked and big chunk of plastic fell out. Salomon did send me 2 new brake units for free.

Overall if you want a flashy downhill oriented binding that can go for very short tours and ski well these are a viable option. If you want what I described with no drama you should just buy dukes.
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Question from Mariya
I got Atomic Shift MNC 13 bindings mounted on my skis and in walk mode there is friction between pins and tech inserts when lever is locked. The boot does not move freely, but with some friction. The boot is Dynafit Hoji Free 110 and is ISO 9523 compliant. The same issue is happening with Atomic Hawx Ultra Xtd 95. The binding is MNC Certified. Why would there be friction in walk mode? Is the binding defective? I tried to attach a photo that shows that in walk mode the boot is held by pins so tightly it does not fall down when lifted, but not sure it came through.

Thank you!
Answer from Jeff
Hi Mariya, That sounds a bit sticky. I just grabbed a Hoji Free and put it in the Shift. Being new, it felt a little grabby, but not like what you are experiencing! The rubber sole of the toe of the boot sits right up against the bumper on the binding. The rubber gets dinged up a lot and it may be rubbing there. You can trim the rubber off around that spot. Otherwise, that slight drag shouldn't be of consequence.
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Question from Michael J Kardos
I see that the Salomon version is $599 and the Atomic version in $549. Are the Atomic bindings 'down rev' or last year's model?
Answer from jbo
Hi Michael, these are from this season; it's a short term price discrepancy.
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Question from Michael J Kardos
I have Atomic Vantage 107 Ti 189cm skis. I assume the 110mm binding brake width will fit but I want to make sure since the width of brake and ski are pretty close. What brake width do you recommend for this ski? Thanks.
Answer from Jeff
Michael, the 110mm will be perfect. A 110 will comfortably match a 110 width ski, even a bit more.
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Question from Michael J Kardos
I have the Salomon Shift binding. Is there any difference between Salomon and Atomic bindings? They look identical except for branding.
Answer from Jeff
Michael, besides the branding, the Salomon have Skimo Blue accent colors.
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Question from Ryan Anderson
I play on putting these on two pairs of skis via inserts, my question is about brakes, are there spare brakes available to swap between the bindings, they brakes look very similar to the backland and mtn design. Also second question is about the crampon pictured, where and when can I find one of those?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Ryan! There are definitely spare brakes, find them here. They're super easy to swap out. I don't have any Quiver Killer or Binding Freedom info on this binding, but we are working on it. You'll be able to find the ski crampon soon, we'll have it labeled as an Atomic Shift Crampon though. We don't have enough info to publish the listing but it'll be super easy to find it once it's live. Soon!
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Model: Shift MNC 13

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