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Skimo Co's newest hire is an aspiring Freeride World Tour athlete who stands a proud 5'3" and has no fear about straightlining down couloirs or doing backflips off of 25-foot booters. But you don't need to be flying all over the world -- and off of massive cliffs -- to appreciate the innovations of the perfect on-piste/off-piste crossover binding. With the arrival of the Shift 10, smaller skiers and those with a history of lower-leg injuries can ski with confidence that they have a binding tailored to their needs. With DIN-certified release value ranging from 4 to 10, lighter skiers and those who prefer release over retention in their touring bindings can adjust their release values to the lower end of the spectrum and rip with confidence. Full alpine-style release values mean that the Shift 10 is well-equipped for inbounds skiing as well as touring, and transitions between the two modes are easy to master. Whether you're a seasoned tech-binding user looking for a little bit more of a margin for error when skiing for the camera, or a backcountry neophyte ready to toss your frame bindings in the dumpster, the Shift 10 is the perfect binding for your freeride setup.

  • Groundbreaking technology first introduced in the Salomon/Atomic Shift 13, now available for lighter skiers headed for the backcountry.
  • Full TUV certification means no more guesswork around release values.
  • Alpine binding-style release from the toe is a reliable choice for those with a history of lower-leg injuries.
  • Multi-Norm Certification allows you to use your Shifts with a whole quiver of hard-charging boots.
  • Ski-crampon compatible with specific Salomon/Atomic offerings in 100mm or 120mm widths.
  • Versatile option for use on "hybrid" on-resort/backcountry setups.
convert to ounces
875g [100mm]
Weight (pair) 1750g [100mm]
Boot Compatibility   Alpine Multi-Norm Compatible (MNC)
Brakes (mm)   90, 100, 110
BSL Adjustment   30mm
Riser Heights   1 + Flat
Vertical Release   4-10
Lateral Release   4-10
Crampon Ready   Yes
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Carbon-infused PA, combined with aluminum and steel
Skimo Co Says
Usage Lighter skiers pushing their limits in the sidecountry and backcountry
Notes Transforms from alpine retention to tech-toe touring with the flip of a switch
Bottom Line Amazing tech available in lower release values
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Roland
I have 96 mm skis right now and thinking about getting the shift with 100mm brakes. If I get wider skis (106) later is it possible to change the brakes to 110mm?
Answer from jbo
Hi Roland, yes, we sell shift brakes separately and it's not too hard to change them.
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Eric B (used product regularly)
Great resort binding.
Ideal on a resort ski that you occasionally tour on.
Same construction & durability as the 13's. Save $50 vs the 13's unless you run a very high DIN.
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Question from Caroline J
Hi, would these bindings work with the Dynafit TLT6 Performance CR Boot? Thank you!
Answer from jbo
Hi Caroline, unfortunately not. The Shift requires full ISO toe and heel welts which the TLT6 lacks (all versions).
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Spencer (used product regularly)
I have these bindings on my dedicated in-bounds skis. These were supposed to be my one-ski-quiver skis, but they're really just too heavy. As far as down-hill performance and release characteristics go, these bindings do as well as any standard alpine binding. They're just too heavy for any long days in the backcountry.

I also have to say that I've become more of a fan of bindings that let me transition without taking my skis off. Of course, you can't do that with these bindings. Plus, it's important that you clear snow out from under the heal plate with every transition, or they will get clogged up and start to malfunction.

If you do lots of side-country or just do short tours, then these really are a great choice. If you want to do long days and big objectives, they can do that, but you need to be super fit.
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IanL (used product a few times)
I used these for laps at the resort and they worked well both on the ascent and descent. However, the little side tabs on the walk/ski lever by the heel piece broke off while I was trying to release the brakes on one ski from their retracted position. I can still operate the lever using my ski pole tip to pop it, but I would expect something more resilient for a $500 binding. The air temperature was 18F if that helps explain things.
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Question from Charles
I have a set of Salomon QST 106. will the 100mm binding fit these skis?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Charles. The 100 could be stretched to accommodate the QST 106, however, the 110 might be the best option. Please let us know if you have any other questions!
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Question from thomc
Will any other ski crampons work on these to facilitate narrower waists? Thanks
Answer from Teddy Young
Thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately, these ski crampons are pretty specific to these bindings and there's not anything else that is compatible. What skis and boots will you be using with the Shifts?
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Model: Shift MNC 10

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