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The Corsa Alpine Axe is what we would call a necessity when it comes to lightweight mountaineering. This axe is designed with technical mountain travel in mind; the Corsa Alpine is almost like holding a feather. Well, a very durable feather that's made of steel and aluminum. This lightweight axe features a machined grip for easy handling. It's sleek design helps keep extra clearance while walking or plunging your way up your favorite couloir. To keep out that pesky ice and snow, there is a nylon plug on the end of the slightly curved shaft. The Corsa Alpine axe features an all-steel head with a sharply tapered 3mm pick to help combat difficult ice and provide ease of use in more challenging terrain. The Corsa Alpine axe is a lightweight friend to any technically savvy alpinist or mountaineer, as well as to any beginner eager to try some new gear in some new terrain.

  • Lightweight aluminum shaft comes in three lengths to accommodate mountaineers of all sizes.
  • Nylon plug for the bottom of the shaft keeps out ice and other condensation.
  • Small head slot is compatible with the Corsa leash.
  • Tapered 3 mm pick for increased durability and grip, also combats hard snow and ice.
  • Indented machined grip for easy handling.
  • Lightweight and durable, designed for glacier terrain, general alpinism, and ski-mountaineering.
Lengths (cm) 45, 55, 65
convert to ounces
245g [45]
298g [65]
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Steel head and 1.3 mm 7075 Aluminum shaft
Skimo Co Says
Usage Ski mountaineering, general mountaineering
Notes Nylon spike plug keeps snow out of the shaft
Bottom Line A lightweight axe with a steel head for technical terrain
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Tjaard B
Anyone have a comparison between the Petzl Ride and this. I have used the Ride a few times, but it is very short for me (6’5”). This seems very similar?
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Tjaard,

The Petzl Ride Ice Axe, and the Camp Corsa Alpine Ice Axe possess a lot of similarities. They have a similar weight, and both axes have a steel head and aluminum shaft. However, the head of the Petzl ride comes to a narrower taper, and the Ride has a wider adze. Additionally, the shaft of the Petzl Ride has a more significant curve.

A quick note on sizing, if you are looking to use an axe as a classical piolet, then it should pass the ankle bone test for maximum versatility. However, if you are looking for an axe to use for touring, it should be shorter than your piolet. This is mainly to protect your head from the bottom point of your axe when racked on your pack.

To use me as an example, the straight-shafted ice axe that I use for flat glacier travel is 70cm. However, I use a 43cm ice axe for ski mountaineering.
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Question from Shiv Gourshetty
Whats the difference (in functionality) between Corsa nanotech and corsa alpine?
Thanks, Shiv
Answer from Teddy Young
Thanks for reaching out, there certainly is some overlap in this area of CAMP's ice axe lineup! Both could be used for very similar purposes, but there are a few distinguishing factors. The Corsa Alpine has a full steel head(both pick and adze), but no steel spike. Having more steel in the pick/adze might contribute to slightly higher head weight and therefore better sticks if you need to be swinging the axe. The Corsa Nanotech has a steel spike and a steel tip on the pick, while the rest of the pick and adze is aluminum. Also, in this generation of the Nanotech, there is some pretty secure grip tape on the lower portion of the handle!
Answer from Zak M
Hey Shiv, not much difference in functionality between the two tools but rather a slight variation in features, weights and price. The Corsa Nanotech we currently stock is the previous generation but similar to the current model. The new Corsa Alpine could be considered a bit more of a work horse tool with the steel head while maintaining an overall lower weight and price. Where the Corsa Nanotech features a more dramatic spike, griptape like handle and a Sandvik Nanoflex® pick. If price isn't an issue the Corsa Nanotech would be a great option but either tool would make for a good pick.
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Model: Corsa Alpine

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