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Dynafit has entered the market for transformer gloves that harbor bonus wind mitts in the cuff. Just unfurl the Pertex overmitt on the Mercury DST glove and you’ll instantly add several degrees of warmth and protection. Insulated with Primaloft, the DST starts as a fairly warm yet flexible glove with large zones on the palm. And when you hit the windy ridgelines, you can prevent the wind from hitting your fingers by pulling out the mitt. This is a much loved feature for those who are allergic to stopping and taking off their packs to make minor changes to comfort.

  • Water resistant Silvershell exterior is reasonable durable.
  • Primaloft insulation throughout is reasonably warm.
  • Polyester (fleece) lining is reasonably comfortable.
  • Polyurethane enhanced palms offer good grip on ski poles and ropes.
  • Poly-fuctional design turns the glove into a mitten with a hidden over-glove.
  • Adjustable cuffs help secure your jacket-to-glove interface.
convert to ounces
57g [L]
Weight (pair) 114g [L]
Cuffs Velcro adjustable
Screen Touch No
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Silvershell outer, polyester lining, Primaloft insulation, Pertex Quantum overmitt
Insulation Primaloft and polyester fleece
Skimo Co Says
Usage Up, down, all around
Notes Pull out the overmitt for the down or on windy ridges
Bottom Line Warm transformer glove/mitts
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Dave Farrell
Hi. I love the CAMP G comp warm glove, but the stowed overglove is bulky at the wrist and uncomfortable against my Garmin watch. Would I have a similar issue with this glove? Thanks!
Answer from jbo
Hi Dave, the Mercury has a thinner overglove (no insulation) so there is less bulk. The glove itself is warmer (with insulation). Note the overmitt on the Gara Aero can be stored in the back of hand instead of the wrist which may work even better for you.
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Beth (used product regularly)
These gloves are excellent for a fast/light/efficient day when you don't want to futz around with digging multiple gloves out of your pack to swap between liners and warm gloves. They're wonderful for racing but I'm really enjoying them on days that I just want to be efficient and smooth. They're warmer than glove liners by a long way, which is mostly a good thing. If I get too hot on the skinner, I just stuff these in my jacket and skin bare-handed, then pop them back on when I'm ready for more warmth. The over-mitt adds much more warmth than one would expect and I've found it's amply warm on the downhill for all but the really chilly days. Bonus points that I get compliments on the blue and pink color combo. But it really is nice for more than style purposes--black gloves get lost in the glove pile because they all look the same. These are easy to spot and pluck out.
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Kurt P (used product a few times)
I just picked these up last week and have 3 ski days on them.

IMHO they are a nicer glove to the similar CAMP option. (which i own too). These are a bit warmer and most important the "hand" (inside the glove feel) is much nicer.

I ski'd in 9f cloudless Sun on Sunday and actually pulled them off after about 700 feet of vert.

Which leads to the single wrist loop to keep them hanging from the arm?
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Chris E (used product regularly)
I used a pair of these last year, and in one sense, I loved them: they breathe well and as such kept my hands much warmer than expected despite their light weight.

Unfortunately, the overmitt sticking came undone after 2 days (Dynafit replaced without question, which is cool) but as the season went on the overmitt tore a number of places very easily. By the end of the season, the insulation seems mostly worn out and the gloves suck up water like a sponge.

In hindsight, I'd probably go with the race glove + an overmitt.
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Question from Matt
How does this compare to the Dynafit race glove? Is it heavier weight?
Answer from eric
Matt- This is a heavier and warmer glove then the race glove. Plus it has the pull over mitt which will add wind protection and warmth.
Answer from Matt P
Great, thanks. How does the fit compare to the race glove? I'm a large in that and it's maybe a tad big. Wondering if the medium would work.
Answer from jbo
Hi Matthew, the Dynafit glove sizing is pretty consistent, so if large is too big, medium might be the ticket.
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