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The Gara Aeros are lightweight racing and adventure gloves with retractable wind protection. Uniquely the wind covers stow into the back of the palm, as opposed to the wrists. This adds a bit of warmth to the back of the hand while stowed, and also prevents reducing circulation through the wrists. The glove body is built with lycra fleece and a breathable Schoeller fabric that is pleasant to wear. Anatomical fingers and polyurethane reinforcements make it a glove you can wear all day for many days. Ski Trab really did a nice job on these.

  • Air-Net Tech insulation makes it warmer than some other gloves in the category.
  • Windshield storage pouch doubles as a chemical warmer placement when deployed.
  • Air-prene cuffs are easy to get a jacket over and keep it warm where blood flows.
  • AMARA reinforcements on the palm and around the thumb should last a while.
  • Terry cloth wipe on the thumb and finger-touch fabric finish of the nice piece.

Update 2017/18: Ski Trab left one of the best gloves on the market unaltered, except for a new Black, White, and Blue color.

Update 2019/20: Ski Trab changed the colors again but otherwise left this glove the same.

Update 2023/24: New color scheme but same excellent glove.

convert to ounces
55g [L]
Weight (pair) 110g [L]
Cuffs Neoprene
Screen Touch Yes
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Lycra, Schoeller, polyurethane, neoprene
Insulation Lycra fleece, Air-Net Tech lining
Skimo Co Says
Usage Up tempo skiing
Notes Shell tucked into the back of the palm instead of wrist
Bottom Line Top quality race glove
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Questions & Reviews

Nils A (used product a few times)
As someone who frequently suffers from cold hands while skiing, I was thrilled to discover the Ski Trab Aero gloves. During a recent ski tour in the Utah backcountry, these gloves kept my hands incredibly warm while still allowing for breathability. The snug, yet comfortable fit of the XL size worked perfectly for me (my hand palm circumference is 23cm and hand length is 21cm). I even layered them underneath the Ski Trab Gara overglove for added protection, and they worked seamlessly together. Overall, I highly recommend these gloves for anyone who values warmth, comfort, and durability during winter sports activities. They're definitely worth the investment!
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Question from Nils Albertsen
Hi! My hand is 21.5cm in circumference and 21.2cm in length. Would you recommend I split the difference and get an XL? Thanks so much!!
Answer from Jeremy L
Thanks for reaching out, Nils. We have someone with similarly sized hands in the shop and the XXL size was what fit him best.
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Question from Joseph W
Whats the sizing on these? Im wearing a medium in BD gloves.
Answer from Will M
Hey Joseph!

Great question, I find the medium Ski Trab to be a very similar fit to the Black Diamond medium.
Answer from Michael M
I'll reiterate these are sized very similarly to BD and OR gloves.

I'm a medium in BD, CAMP, and OR gloves. The Trab size chart had me at a large. I had to return the large and get the medium. So stick with your typical glove size if you ask me.
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TSB (used product regularly)
I can be skeptical of venturing beyond my beloved CAMP glove duo -- the G Comp Wind and G Tech Dry -- and trying new hand-wear, but the affection for these gloves among certain members of the SkimoCo staff convinced me to give this Trab offering a shot. Good thing, too, since it turns out they're the perfect "tweener" gloves for higher-intensity tours in cold weather when a lighter glove (G Comp Wind or Race) isn't nearly enough, but the Tech Dry is too warm and/or too clumsy for making quick transitions on wind-blasted ridgelines. The Gara Evo glove definitely sets a new standard for the warmth:dexterity ratio, and it doesn't seem to get sweaty/clammy nearly as fast as temperatures start to climb after early-morning starts. The dexterity in particular is a huge positive -- I usually find anything heavier than a G Comp Wind gets in my way during the complicated suit-zipping, boot-buckling, skin-ripping, etc. that happens during a race transition, but my hands would suffer during cold races as a result. The Gara Evo is nearly as good on dexterity but way, way warmer for conditions when the overpants and Mezzalama jackets start coming out and your competitors start abandoning the race due to hypothermia. Put simply, I think the ultimate goal of lightweight glove design is to create one glove you can wear all day without needing to switch to a different set, and I think Trab nailed it for cold conditions with the Gara Evo.
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Dustin R (downright abused product)
When moving these gloves are awesome. Best touchscreen gloves I have come across, never have to take them off to fiddle with the phone. Wind mitt works surprisingly well. Make sure you have a warm overmitt for the down and a separate pair of gloves when digging a pit. Durable gloves, have used them for cold bike tours (repairing flats, fixing chain) and occasional ranch work glove!
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mbillie1 (used product regularly)
I wore out my pair of beloved Trab Maximo gloves, which were sold out in my size, so I gave these a try. By my cold-hand standards they're not a full on midwinter glove, but they are a lot warmer than the other things in their class. The overmitt is nice too. But geez these things get wet easy and stay wet forever. Even drying them out at home takes a while. I nikwaxed the palms (which didn't do much) and I sometimes wear nitrile gloves underneath, which help, but man. Otherwise very nice; quite dextrous, reasonably durable so far as well.
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Max S (used product regularly)
These gloves have surprisingly small dexterity for such a small glove, probably because the liner and shell seams all bunch up at the fingertips. The elastic cuff isn't all that elastic and putting these gloves on is a royal pain. Once finally on these are comfortable and warm.
On the plus side I toured and ran in those all season and they are still in good shape, which is very rare for anything branding the words 'world cup'
low rating is because these gloves are so damn clunky
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Question from Lawrence H
Is there a size chart for the Ski Trab gloves?
Answer from Jeff
Lawrence, I looked on Ski Trabs site, no sizing charts. There is not really any standardized glove sizing. Please contact us at Help @skimo and myself or someone with similar sized hands can try on for you.
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Aaron (used product regularly)
Super psyched on these for late season enduro tours. They are a little on the small side. I'd recommend sizing up if you are in between. This was the first glove I've used with the overmitt, and I was surprised at how much of a difference it makes. Highly recommended!
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Josh A (used product a few times)
Surprisingly warm for how dexterous they are, largely due to the good windproof material used on the back of the fingers/hands. The overmitt is well designed in that it doesn't cover the thumb - I've used the Camp version and it always gets shredded between the thumb&fingers.
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Model: Gara Evo World Cup

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