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Built on the same time-tested platform as the Speed 20 pack, the Speed 28 operates under the same philosophy as its lower-volume brethren. Except in this case, Dynafit argues that more volume is better. If you’re doing more touring than racing, you just might agree. Breathable shoulder straps, a luscious back-panel, and supportive hip belt ensure a comfy fit the entire day. The main zip opens top and side (instead of just the side) so you can access the larger volume more easily. If you want to take a race-mentality into the backcountry, check out the Dynafit Speed 28 backpack.

  • 210-denier rip-stop nylon fabric won't self-destruct when you do.
  • Full-length top/side zip for easy access to main the compartment.
  • Anatomical Airmesh back helps vent your stink (and anger).
  • A removable shoulder-mounted bottle holder has thermal lining.
  • The quick ski-carry system is detachable for further customization.
  • Ice-axe loops and external helmet attachment works well for general dangling of things.
  • Velcro crampon pouch lets you stash things for quick-access.
  • Height-adjustable sternum strap accomodates both breasts and skins.
  • Waterproof internal pocket for your get-out-of-jail-free card.
  • Helmet holder expands from a horizontal zipper along the bottom of the pack.

Update 2019/20 - New color options (lipstick and lambo green) were added.

convert to ounces
Volume 28L
Access Main compartment full-zip, velcro crampon pouch
Hydration Bladder compatible, removable shoulder strap bottle holder
Ski Carry Detachable race-hook
Shovel / Probe Dedicated internal safety pocket
Ice Axe Speed carry loop and bungee
Stash Pockets No
Security Pocket Internal waterproof zip
Team Tether No
Whistle No
Specs Verified Yes
Skimo Co Says
Usage Short-to-long day tours
Notes Breast strap is height-adjustable
Bottom Line Medium-volume bag with race-inspired features
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Questions & Reviews

Comment from Brian h
You guys should include a +/- Helmet carry on the standard check list of features on the comparison chart.
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Question from Theresa D
Hello! What is the length of the backpack? Is it appropriate for someone who is 5"1/153 cm?
Answer from Will M
Hey Theresa!

Thanks for the question. I just measured the back of the pack and it comes out to an even 20 inches! I can't speak to the size of your back so I'd suggest taking a measurement to see if it'll work for ya.

Answer this question:

Curtis F (downright abused product)
TL;DR: light, roomy; holds everything for winter backcountry and big spring objectives. Security pocket is iffy on durability.

I was looking for a "race" style pack that could hold plenty of goodies for long outings and had dedicated tool pockets; decided to give this one a shot! Works perfect for packing extra layers and/or extra food for crazy long days with room to spare. For the volume, I feel this pack is relatively lightweight compared to others I've used. Profile-wise, the pack feels long/tall and doesn't stick out back too far, perfect for aerodynamics if you straight line runs in full aero position.

Ski carry seems to be secure. I frequently have boots clicked into the skis while carrying for long hike/run-ins and it works. Shoulder straps dig in on the ski side a bit and might leave some bruising if you're loaded too heavy for too long.

Crampon pouch easily fits crampons and other goodies, I use this pocket a lot for things that need "easy" access without having to take the pack off. It can be awkward to cram things into it at times because it collapses a bit under weight. The velcro worries me at times, it is difficult to securely close it when the mouth is collapsed/warped under weight. Haven't had any catastrophic issues yet though, just something to be wary of when you're closing it in hurry.

Only reason for a star-off is because my internal "security" pocket de-laminated in the corners and eventually peeled open. This was an easy fix with tenacious tape and the pack is still completely functional and even more secure now. There are a few drain holes in the bottom of the pack and I worry a bit about small things slipping through if the pocket fails again without catching it.
Comment on this review:

Question from Alex
How large of a shovel can you fit in this pack?
Answer from Jeff
Alex, the Speed 28 is considerably larger overall than the 20. I measured the inside and you can easily fit a 21" long shovel handle and a pretty good size blade. That covers anything we sell.
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Question from Suzanne B
What is the largest tail width you can fit through the bottom ski carry loop? The tail of my skis measure at 115mm so I am assuming they may not fit. Thanks!
Answer from Nate
Hi Suzanne, the largest size that can fit is a little open to interpretation and how much you are willing to stand and fiddle with the loop to get it over the tail of a ski. 115mm will be too large though no matter how willing to fiddle you are.
Answer from Nick C
I have the DPS Tour1 Wailer 99's which have a 111mm tail, and they fit the loop with a little extra room to spare. Just a heads up.
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Question from Sam
Does the main pocket have a separate sleeve or other area to separate shovel/probe from everything else? Could you post a photo of the main compartment? Thanks!
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Sam! It's hidden in the photos that Dynafit gave us, but there is definitely a dedicated (and zippered) external pocket for your avy gear. The zipper runs vertically along the outside of the pack parallel to the main compartment.
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Question from Gustav
What's the full weight on this bag? and weight with everything removed?
Previous dynafit bags were all measured with everything that could be taken off and out of the bag removed. But since they advertise the bag with the features I don't get this.
Answer from Nate
Hello Gustav, the weight of this bag as it comes out of the package (with all attachments in place) according to our scales is 490g. We have not weighed the pack stripped. The bottle holder I know weighs 29g, and the only other features that are removable are the ski hook and sternum strap. With that in mind, I believe the removable features will be well under 100g.
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Question from Alex
Question about the helmet carry. The helmet cary mesh stashes into a pocket on the back of the pack, but it seems like you can only use the helmet carry if the pocket is open...The mesh is sewn into the inside of the pocket, so you can't zip it back up if the mesh is the idea to just leave the stash unzipped if you have a helmet? This seems a bit odd to me...

Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Alex, thanks for reaching out! Yup, the helmet carry is only accessible if the pocket is open. The only way to conceal the helmet carry is to have the straps stitched internally, otherwise it'd be flopping around when you weren't using it. The straps are stitched to the bottom layer of the pocket though, so the tension from your helmet will basically keep the pocket closed while it's unzipped. I attached a few pictures from our display model to give you an idea of what I'm talking about. It's a pretty clever helmet carry.
Answer from Trace Leches
Here's the whole net unzipped from the pouch.
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Model: Speed 28 Backpack

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